Steel String Brewery – Some excellent locally brewed beers, original, refreshing, and well tasty

Steel String Brewery

Steel String Brewery in Carrboro was a most excellent find on myfoodhunt tour around North Carolina. I really do like discovering local craft beers and microbreweries as they all seem to be so dedicated to the cause and come up with some truly excellent ideas to put into my glass.

I found an excellent quote in an article written by Brian Howe about the brewery in an Indy Week feature “Steel String Craft Brewery and taproom aims to capitalize on Carrboro’s local spirit”  where they said that;

“We’re almost like a farm-to-table restaurant, where you don’t come for a specific beer so much as to see what the chef is doing that night”

I like, no actually I love that idea, it was enough to get me up and through the door.

So what did I find? and what did I sample?

Big Mon

Big Mon IPA at Steel String Brewery

I started off with a glass of the Big Mon which seems to be one of the breweries standard regular offerings. This is listed as an IPA and was quite a pleasant drink, it is a lightly hoppy pale ale and quite drinkable. It was priced at $5.50 and has an 6.3% ABV.

I quite enjoyed it as my first beer but was to find some other interesting and original options on the tap, so I just had the one glass on this occasion. I would try it again though on my next visit.


Hipopatamous at Steel String Brewery

Next up was the Hiphopapotamus described as a Hoppy Saison. I had a taste and wasn’t sure what was going on in here, so just had half a glass to try it out.

I was so wrong! after a few mouthfuls I was quite into this beer, so much so that I ended up getting another half to make up the pint.

Flavour wise I would describe this as being lightly floral with a serious kick of hoppy bitterness in the aftertaste. This one is a bit stronger at  6.3% ABV and was priced at $5.50 for a 12oz glass. Alcohol wise It kind of seeped slowly into the brain cells.

Caballo Viejo

Caballo Viejo at Steel String Brewery

Caballo Viejo Translated as old horse was a Grisette with lime and sugar loaf. Yep I know I had no ideas what that meant either but apparently this is brewed in the Venuzualean style, I liked it a lot.

I would describe this as crisp, slightly tart, a bit tangy, and very drinkable. The citrus from the lime makes it quite refreshing and cleanses the palate nicely. This beer was priced at $5 and has a 4% ABV.

This is a beer that I would make a special trip back to Carrboro to drink once again.

Cherry Mania

Cherry Mania at Steel String Brewery

One of the most popular beers I saw being ordered at Steel String Brewery while I sat up at the bar was the Cherry Mania.

I was curious so had a taste and then ordered one for myself.

It was surprisingly refreshing and perfect for a sunny afternoon out on the terrace or perched on the bar stool in a small local microbrewery. It is brewed (apparently) in the Gose style which as far as I can research is a old German style that is sour, salty and tart to the palate.

That kind of matches with my experience, but to add, it was also crisp and light, with a hint of cherry. It was also way too drinkable, dangerously so. I think you could drop two or three of these babies without thinking and find yourself in a bit of a pleasant fuzzy haze.

Excellent just do it (#pretending not to advise)



Steel String Brewery at 106A South Greensboro Street in Carrboro NC, 27510

is located on the other side of the old rail road rack.

I meandered my way here from Chapel Hill and was glad I did!

I am happy to have a place to add to the list of great local breweries that I will tell everyone about.

Check them out as well on their Facebook page and their Twitter Feed


Steel String Brewery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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