Time-Out Grill for Southern Cooking, a Cheddar Chicken Biscuit and some Man v Food worship

TimeOut Chapel Hill

Time-Out Grill on East Franklin is a famous 24/7 restaurant serving up fried chicken and more in the streets by the UNC Campus (University of North Carolina). I had first heard of this place via the Travel Channel and Adam Richman who had nominated their Cheddar Chicken Biscuit, a Tar-heel favourite, as one of the Best Sandwiches in America.

I watch a lot of food related TV and somewhat sadly or perhaps more like a true fan I like to seek out these places whenever I hit a new town. I also like the way that Adam talks about and enjoys his food, a normal guy who just likes to eat the good stuff, just like the rest of us.

So when I jumped into an uber over the weekend to test out the delights of Chapel Hill, this place seemed to be the perfect spot to get dropped off at the start of that myfoodhunt adventure into this campus town

Timeout Menu

If I was being sensible I would have probably just ordered a great big mound of fried chicken, and maybe some Mac n Cheese. However, I wasn’t being sensible. I was following the Man v Food Herd and only had eyes for the Man V Food Special of a Chicken n’Cheddar Biscuit sandwich, Macaroni & Cheese with a ‘medium’ beverage for $9.99.

Having said that Combo 2 and Combo 3 look the same on paper and are a dollar cheaper, only I would have to construct my own sandwich and I have a better story following the lead of Adam Richman 🙂

The Man v Food Special

Man v Food special at Time Out

The really great thing about the Chicken biscuit at Time-Out Grill  is the huge piece of juicy chicken inside the biscuit. I loved that it was so well cooked so that it was moist and still full of flavour, I really like the buttermilk crispy coating and skin. I saw that the double chicken breast is taken off the bone after it is cooked so that the meat doesn’t dry out as it cooks which is a very nice touch.

I wasn’t that excited about the biscuit itself. It was nice and buttery, but mine was falling apart a bit and was a bit too crumbly to be able to cope with the chicken that it was supposed to hold. Having said that, I am no biscuit expert so if this is normal then fair enough. I was just thinking that next time I would just get the chicken.

I watched them make the biscuits on the show and I think the truth is that this isn’t common to us English guys as a comfort food as it is to you guys this side of the pond, so sorry if I ‘talk out of my ass’ while casting my ‘biscuit opinions’ 🙂

I quite liked the mac n cheese, it was quite a vibrant yellow and was pretty runny. I could not eat it all as it was far too rich for me, but I did have a really good try! It was cheesy which is a key feature, I like mine with that baked skin on top though and that is not how they do it here. It was still good though!

Man v Food sign at Time Out Grill in Chapel Hill

As you walk in the door there is a big banner across the wall telling us that over 3.8 million of these Chicken N’ Cheddar Biscuits have been ‘devoured’.

I was happy to add myself onto that list and if I am over this way again I will most certainly pop in for another one and to do some work on my cheddar biscuit appreciation.

Time-out Grill in Chapel Hill


Time-out Grill is open 24/7, so all day basically which is great for a late night snack. It was quite fitting that this was also my pick up spot for my uber at the end of my days myfoodhunting in Chapel Hill.

On their website they say;

“Time-Out is a Chapel Hill institution located downtown on Franklin Street for over thirty years. Time-Out is the only 24 hours restaurant with delivery in town open 7 days a week. We are famous for our Chicken Cheddar Biscuit and Southern comfort food.”

Time-out Grill is located at

201 East Franklin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone  (919) 929-2425

Check them out on their Twitter Feed @timeoutchicken and on their Facebook Page


Time-Out Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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