Pho 919 – Dialled in on Local Vietnamese Fare

Pho 919 in Morrisville

PHO 919 over on Davis Drive at Morrisville Market is a really laid back Vietnamese diner serving up some pretty good food.

I love that they have taken the Local Area code of 919 to be part of their name, and not just so that I could add a pun to the post tagline.

On their website they say:

“It is our mission to share the flavors of Vietnam with every person who visits our restaurant.

Whether you love Vietnamese food, or if it is the first time you try it- we have the flavors to keep you coming back!”

I have been in a couple of times, once for lunch and once for dinner, and both times I have had a great experience and some tasty food, and you know what I did go back 🙂

Some Pho for Dinner

Meatball Pho at Pho 919

The first time I walked over their threshold it was dinner and I was in the mood for some Pho. Sometimes you just need a big steaming bowlful of tasty broth to sooth the bones and make everything right inside your soul.

On those days I look for a bowl of noodle soup or for some Pho, anything in that genre does the trick. Today my saviour was going to be a big bowlful of “Meatball Pho”

On Pho 919 they say that “The broth is made from beef bones, beef , rice noodle, and different kinds of spices as ginger, star arise, parsley, green and white onions, chopped or shredded. ” and that it is usually “served with a side plate full of bean sprouts, basil leaves, and lime”

That was about right, I got a big bowl of broth with sliced meatballs floating in it. I also got a side plate with bean sprouts, basil leaves, and a couple of slices of lime. I threw a bit of that into the bowl and left it to steep for a while so that the flavours could all marry together.

It wasn’t quite what I expected, as I thought that the broth would have more of a spicy flavour, that might be my fault as I think there was some question about what spice level I wanted. I wasn’t expecting sliced meatballs, I was hoping for some floating balls, mind you the slices were easier to pick up with my chopsticks

In summary ‘Plain and simple, warming, functional and stomach pleasing soupy goodness hit the spot!’

Other Pho Options

 Pho menu at Pho 919

All in all it was a good bowl of pho and I would probably come back to try another bowl. I think next time I am in the Pho mood it will be the “Rare Steak & Brisket” and I will remember to ask for a spicier broth.


Chicken and Shrimp Rice Plate

Chicken and Shrimp Rice Plate at Pho 919

I came back over to Pho 919 a week or so later to get something simple for lunch. I could have had another Pho but to be honest I was worried about the spillage and splatter fallout that would hit my work shirt as I slurped the noodles from the bowl. I had a look through the rest of the menu and saw that they also had a whole section of rice plates with different protein combinations.

My choice was the chicken and shrimp combination which came with a salad and a pile of sticky rice. It was also very simple and at first inspection a bit plain. Then the lady behind the counter came over to over me some spicy chilli sauce and suggested that I mixed it with the fish sauce that came with the dish to make a dip to my own spice taste.

This was great advice as it really transformed my meal. I still like the simple grilled chicken and ate most of that as it came, but the spicier dip I created helped to make that pile of plain rice into a more interesting experience. The shrimp skewer was pretty good as well, but it was much smaller than the chicken so ended up being a kind of side dish to the dish.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my lunchtime rice dish and made a mental note that this is the place to hang out for some authentic and decent food.

Pho 919

919 Pho is located at

Address: 3504 Davis Dr. Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-377-0318

Check them out on Facebook

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