Bruegger’s Bagels – Barnyard Burger, and a Ham and Cheese melt

Brueggar Bagels

Bruegger’s Bagels over at Shiloh Crossing is one of numerous locations in the RTP. This one just off 54 was pretty handy for me as it has a massive Walmart nearby across the parking lot so I was able to munch before I shopped.

On their website they say that they are “committed to serving genuine New York-style bagels and real made-in-Vermont cream cheese. Because that’s not just what we do; it’s where we come from.”

I am not a massive fan of the bagel, but I checked out their menu and they had plenty of other stuff to draw me in so I took a chance and headed over to eat.

Barnyard Burger

Barnyard Burger Slice at Bruegger Bagels

The Barnyard Burger is an “asiago parmesan bagel” filled with a “Steak burger, fresh cracked egg, cheddar, peppered bacon and Brue-BQ sauce”.

Cutting it in half you can see how all ‘the stuff’ stacks up inside that bagel bun. Love the way that the cheese melts out of the bagel hole and the spots where it melds with the crispy bacon. Sadly the egg and the burger seem to just get stacked from a pile of pre-cooked ingredients. Don’t get me wrong every mouthful was lovely, but I would like to have paid a couple of dollars less if I am totally honest.

Ham and Cheese Melt

Cheese and Tomato Melt at Brueggers Bagels

On my first visit I was pretty safe with my choice ordering a Cheese and Tomato Melt. This was the sort of thing I would cook up on my own toaster grill, it really was very simple.

Things I liked was the excellent toasted rye bread, I liked the fillings of Muenster cheese, Cheddar cheese, ham and tomato, but I would have liked them more if they had been a bit more melted.

I do love that Rye bread so would still probably come back to try something else

Bagels Menu

This place is however all about the bagel, and they have a lot of different combinations of bagel and cream cheese that you could try.

If I do get a bagel my choice is the ‘Everything‘ bagel or at a push the ‘sesame‘ bagel. Cream cheese wise would just get the ‘Plain‘ or the ‘Onion & Chive’

Bruegger's Bagels logo

Located at
4104 Surles Court
Durham, NC 27703

Bruegger's Bagel Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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