Sea Bee Subs on the Carolinas Boardwalk – Out of season? these guys are there for you, so check them out!

Sea Bee Subs at Carolinas Beach

Sea Bee Subs at Boardwalk avenue at Carolinas Beach was one of the few places open during the ‘off season’ when we visited the beaches near to Wilmington in North Carolina. I for one was very glad that they were open as we were pretty hungry and in need of a little sustenance before we headed off along the coast towards the other beaches.

We walked in to check out the menu and we were really hoping that they were still doing breakfast sandwiches as it was just after 11am.

Spoiler Alert! – they were 🙂

Breakfast Menu

See Bee Breakfast Sandwich Menu

I was intrigued with the sound of The “Sweet Bee” which is a ‘Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich’ – ‘Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, with eggs & melted cheddar cheese on a warm, sliced, glazed donut’.

You had me until the words ‘warm, sliced, glazed donut’, I am not even sure that is legal in most states of America.

To be honest this is exactly the sort of combination that makes the Brits over the pond question their US friends diets. But hey, we eat a lot of fried breakfasts, eat a lot of Fish and Chips, and like Pies, so I am loath to judge 🙂

To be even more honest I kind of really want to try this, and I know I will be back over to the boardwalk in the next few months so will probably make a little pilgrimage to pop-in and munch on one 🙂

We didn’t order one but we did check out the Hot Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage Egg Cheese Sandwich

Sausage Egg Cheese Sandwich

The Sausage Egg Cheese Sandwich arrived at the table looking exactly the same way that it did in the picture on the menu. I was kind of jealous as I ordered something else 😦

The verdict was very positive, it had exactly the right ratio of meat to egg to bread that you need when munching down on a really good breakfast sandwich. The melted cheese was also an excellent addition, and not just for the sharp salty tang, it also adds such a great ‘fatty’ moment on the mouth and makes those taste buds get all happy and jolly when doing their job of explaining to the brain how to prepare for the oncoming breakfast delights.

Boardwalk Bacon Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese and bacon sandwich

I kind of just fancied a ‘grilled’ or ‘toasted’ cheese sandwich of some kind, so I ordered the “Boardwalk Bacon Grilled Cheese” which was officially described on the menu as “Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar. mozzarella, & pepper jack cheese, marinated onion & juicy tomato”.

I loved the way that everything mixed together to make a lot of perfect warming, satisfying and juicy bites! Plenty of cheese, plenty of tomato, maybe there could have been more bacon? As a grilled cheese it was the real deal and it was dripping cheese all over. I liked it, and it really was a great sandwich to set me up for my drive along the coast to Myrtle Beach.

Other Menu Stuff

Sea Pea Menu


As we sat inside waiting for our sandwiches I overheard the lovely lady behind the counter telling some of the other diners ‘quote-unquote’ that “Someone has to stay open or no-one will come”. I for one was glad that they were open, but even when ‘everyone else can be bothered to make the effort to open’ – my words, I will make sure that next time I visit Carolinas Beach Boardwalk I will come back for another sandwich! Thanks for being there! 🙂

On their website they say;

Sea Bee Subs on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk makes crave worthy, made to order, hot & cold subs made with all natural deli meats sliced in house. We use fresh local produce, quality cheeses, & a variety of your favourite toppings. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service & delicious, affordable, food that keeps you coming back to see us. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Sea Bee Subs!”    


See Bee Subs is Located at

11 Boardwalk Ave. Suite 140

Carolina Beach, NC 28428

(910) 707-1661

Check them out also on Facebook and on Twitter

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