Art Burger Bar – Get the El Greco! It’s one tasty beast of a burger

Art Burger and Sushi Bar

One of the joys of making a road trip and exploring without a plan is that you can sometimes stumble across a real gem of a place in the most unexpected places. We found ourselves enroute from Wilmington in North Carolina along the coast to Charleston in South Carolina and decided to stop on the way at the beach resort of Myrtle Beach. We were visiting out of season, and found ourselves near the popular boardwalk area, we had low expectations, and really were just hoping for something to eat as the place was half closed and the pickings seemed to be slim

Art Burger Sushi Bar in Myrtle Beach, was a shining beacon of a place located  just off the boardwalk on the beachside road. As we walked along looking hopefully for some decent food options, we chanced up this place all lit up in neon; ‘Burger . Sushi . Bar‘ This was a boardwalk bereft of many decent (or even open) food options, but the words ‘Burger and Bar’ were the ones that dragged me in off the sidewalk with their offering of a trio of options to the diner and drinker.

The El Greco Burger

The El Greco Burger at Art Burger in Myrtle Beach

It will surprise none of my friend that I chose the ‘El Greco’ burger at Art, especially when I tell you that it has Chorizo in the sandwich, I am such a sucker for that sweet and spicy sausage meat, almost as much as I am a slut for a fried egg on top of my burger. The official menu description is “El Greco – ground patty, chorizo, marinated red peppers, manchego cheese, mixed greens”. I was happy with all of those toppings so was already salivating with the prospect on what was about to appear on my plate.

This is probably the best burger that I have eaten on this trip to the USA, and that is saying something as I have been here for three months and I have eaten a few. This is also the one burger that I would make a special trip back here to eat. That should tell you something.

The burger patty is incredibly well made, It is juicy, full of steak flavour, the chorizo is soft and sweet and tangy and the whole thing screams out rustic, handmade, and I feel it also oozes some kind of love from the hands of the chef. Last year I started to grind my own meat and make my own burgers and didn’t think anyone could match that ‘hands on’ ‘freshly made in minutes’ and really made ‘to scratch’ experience in an actual real restaurant. Here at Art it really felt that this was ground and made to order in the moments between my order and the moment it arrived on my table. That my friend in one serious skill (perhaps the same skill that makes good sushi?)

The Michelangelo

Michelangelo at Art Burger Bar in Myrtle Beach

The other sandwich that we ordered was the Michelangelo which was a Grilled Chicken Breast, Fried Mozzarella, Tomato Jam, and Crispy Bacon for $11. This was also a really great bite to eat, the chicken breast was moist, juicy, crispy, and best of all bountiful. The crispy bacon was excellent with a nice crunchy bite, the tomato jam is sweet and tangy and paired well into the sandwich. The fried mozzarella was a bit weird as it was kind of like a little battered spring roll, I honestly thought it was a shrimp filled treat until I re-read the menu.

I will tell you now that this place was good, real good! and I would not hesitate to say that I would recommend making a trip over to the beach,  just to try out one of their burgers! We visited in the off-season when many places were closed. I was so happy to find such a great place and can see why it can thrive even when the resort is quiet.

Burger Menu

Art Burger Sushi Bar Menu


Art Burger and Sushi Bar is located on the Ocean Front at the corner of 8th Avenue North and Ocean Blvd.

700 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Call 843-839-4774

Check them out on Facebook and On Twitter

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