Noodle Blvd – Huge bowls of authentic tasty regional noodle soup

Noodle Boulevard in Cary

Noodle Blvd in Cary say that they ‘provide a fresh and unique take on authentic regional noodle dishes’, they also make a point of noting that they use ‘Healthy and Simple Ingredients’ that are ‘Second to None’.

I had spotted it a number of times as I pottered my way around the area, this particular noodle shop is located only about a 10 minute walk from my apartment in Cary. My curiosity was already piqued.

I am not usually one for doing too much research on a place before I visit, but this time as I was checking the opening times I did peruse their website and the pictures on there did look pretty good and appetising, I even had a look at some of the photos on places like yelp and was encouraged that they looked pretty similar and consistent with the website. So I was eager to try them out.

I came in just with the intention of having a little bite and I had my eye on the Pork Belly Bun, which is one thing I do love eating whenever I see one. Once I walked in and saw all the other punters slurping there way through bowls of noodles, well I knew I was in for the long haul and was ordering one of those too! 🙂

Pork Belly Bun

Noodle Blvd Pork Bao

The Pork Belly Bun was a thing of beauty, it was just as pictured on the website menu, only it was twice as big as I had expected. I had seen pictures where people had cut them in half to share and I had wondered ‘who are these people who would let another person take half of their Bao?’

It was pretty decent as well, a super soft pillowey bun filled with two large slices of soft juicy pork belly. There was a big dollop of thick jam like sauce, I was assuming Hoisin, there were also just enough crunch and freshness provided by some very thinly sliced cucumber and a tiny bit more crunch was added from a few slices of scallion.

I was happy that I had ordered this and could see this being a nice little lunchtime sandwich option, pricepoint wise you are looking at $4

Chicken Curry Ramen with Ajisu Egg

Noodle Blvd Chicken Curry Ramen

The bowls of Ramen noodle soup at Noodle Blvd were so huge that I swear it was almost like people had their entire head inside them as they slurped their way down to the bottom. I ordered one not really expecting to eat more than half of one, but I did actually surprise myself as I ate almost all of it.

My choice was the ‘Chicken Curry Ramen with Ajisu Egg’, this also seemed to be the most popular choice amongst diners on the web, but I would have chosen this one anyway. The coconut broth was both light and creamy and had a reasonably spicy curry flavour. Not enough heat to make your nose run, but enough to warm you up.

The bowl was filled with a generous amount of shredded chicken, a lot of soft pak choi, scallion, bean sprouts, and of course a huge pile of thin ramen noodle which you had to fish out with chopsticks and slurp up without any semblance of grace or self consciousness.

The dish came with half a ‘Aijsu egg’ which was quite a lovely little thing just by itself. It was a soft boiled white and yolk which is apparently gently touched with marinade flavoured of soy, ginger, garlic, and mirin.

I really liked their noodle soup, it was large and vast, but seemed light and even though it was a filling meal, I did not feel stuffed when I was finished. I honestly felt a little bit healthy and a bit smug with myself for having found such a tasty meal. I almost finished the bowl, but left the bit with the now soggy fried wonton alone.

Pricewise you were looking at $12 for this soup, which when added to the pork belly bun and a glass of soda came to just under $20. I kind of felt that was a little bit steep for a noodle place, but you know what it was pretty damn good, so maybe far enough

Inside Noodle Blvd

Inside Noodle Blvd

I liked the layout inside Noodle Blvd, they had a handful of tables for groups, but also a couple of rows at the window and at the counter for the solo diner. I took my place at the far end of the window counter and felt more comfortable than some places were you can be crammed in alongside couples. It was nice to feel that I had a place here.

Noodle Blvd is located at 919  N Harrison Ave in Cary, NC 27513.

It is next to a subway and is tucked away at the end of the shopping complex in its own corner just off the main road.

Check them out on their Facebook page


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Noodle Blvd Menu


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