N.C. Bagel Café and Deli in Morrisiville – Breakfast served all day, Great Deli Sandwiches as well

NC Bagel Cafe in Morrisville

N.C. Bagel Café & Deli is one of my regular lunch spots here in the Triangle. I found it by accident one Sunday when I was looking for some sort of deli breakfast sandwich. Since then I have been coming back at least once a week, and I have found quite a few things that I seem to keep ordering time after time.

As you might expect they sell a lot of bagels of all types from a plain old bagel, to an everything bagel and all members of the bagel family in between.

They have breakfast all day and a whole menu of classic deli fillings that you can get in a bagel and between two slice of bread.

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

Hot Pastrami Sandwich


Hot Pastrami

The Pastrami Special is my favourite of all the sandwiches here at N.C. Deli. It comes hot or cold piled thick with meat, melted Swiss cheese, and Deli mustard on Toasted Rye Bread.

I like that they put plenty of meat in there, its thinly sliced so you get a packed punch of meat flavour in each bite, that amazing rye bread with the caraway seed adds a little bit of aniseed hit with each bite of that toasted beauty.

Hot Italian Sandwich

Italian Ham Sandwich

Italian Ham Sandwich at NC Deli

Another great sandwich that I have ordered here at N.C. Bagel is the Hot Italian on Toasted wheat bread. This is packed with hot spicy ham, pepper jack cheese, red onion, sliced tomato, spinach, and a nice tangy Italian dressing.

You get plenty of filling with this sandwich as well, the ham is a little bit of a treat as that spiciness mixes in with the tart vinegar and you really do get a taste of Italy with the bite. It’s like an Italian Salad in a sandwich.

The spinach is a nice touch, its adds a little bit of bitterness and is a better option that a slice of plain lettuce or a slice of peppery rocket.

I like to have this sandwich with toasted white bread, which is always a good option here at N.C. Bagel

Breakfast Options

N.C. Bagel Menu Board

The Breakfast Menu has all the classic deli options that you might hope for, the 2 egg breakfast sandwiches with optional cheese, ham, sausage, and bacon is always a winner for my heart. Thtey also do wraps and platters and a pretty good selection of Omelettes. Best of all is that they serve the breakfast menu all day long

Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel

Ham and Egg Bagel Sandwich

You really have to like Bagels to like this sandwich as there is a high bread to filling ratio. They have plenty of filling options and I would normally go for one with sausage and bacon, either way its all good value

If I am being picky I would like it if it was packed with a bit more ham and egg. Luckily though I quite like the sesame seed bagel and the ones here are pretty fresh and not at all stodgy so I didn’t mind too much.

3 Egg Omelette

Bacon and Sausage Omelette

They have pretty decent omelettes here as well, my personal fave is the one with bacon, sausage and cheese. It might not look that big but trust me it really is and it’s very filling too. Made with 3 eggs it also comes with a couple of slices of toast as well. I favour the wheat toast with my eggs.

Inside NC Bagel Cafe and Deli

The whole menu here is pretty good value, you can get a deli sandwich and a drink for under $10 and breakfast for $3-5

They are also really friendly and have always looked after me when I am hungry


N.C Bagel Café and Deli is Located at

Located at 3108 Grace Park Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560



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