Melt your Heart at The Green Man Brewery in Asheville

The Green Man was my first brewery stop on my weekend trip to Asheville. I had read that it was one of the oldest having been open for 20 years, I had also heard that there was a Grilled Cheese Food Truck called ‘Melt your Heart’ that was usually parked up in the car park selling some pretty awesome sandwiches.

It seemed like a good place to start, to get a beer, and get a little toastie snack.

Melt Your Heart Special Board

I do love a grilled cheese sandwich or a toastie as we call them back in England and I was all  over Melt Your Heart looking for some of their ‘ooey gooey goodness’ (their words not mine 🙂 ).

I was checking out their menu while I supped a beer out the back and I found myself getting more and more upsold with each sentence.

I started off planning to just get one of the Classic American Cheese sandwiches for £3.75, then I considered upgrading to Cheddar and adding Tomato which was moving my bill up to $4.50, then $6.

But then I started reading down the other combo’s which included such gems as “Love at First Bite” a mix of Smoked Gouda, Smoked Ham, Stout Mustard and Caramelized Onions for $7.75. They said ‘Let the affair begin’, it almost did!

I was almost swayed by the “Heart Attack” that they described as “Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese with Bacon, need we say more? We even toss in a couple tomatoes on there so you don’t have to feel too guilty” also for $7.75

But after all that I just took myself all the way up to the top of the list and ordered the special on the board “Feelin Gouda” for a princely sum of $9!

“Feelin Gouda”

The “Feelin Gouda” Gourmet Cheese Sandwich at Melt Your Heart was a combination of “Ham, Gouda cheese, Roma tomato, Sauteed Onions, Organic Spinach, and Roasted Red Pepper Aioli!”

It was a pretty interesting mix that included lots of classic favourites such as the ham, cheese and tomato, and a couple of new twists, that spinach and that aioli that I was intrigued to try out.

I really was in love with the freshness of the ingredients and the flavours of the sandwich as a combination. It all seemed to really work well together, part way through my snack I wondered if I was ‘Feelin Gouda’ yet

I liked the addition of the spinach leaves, that was a new experience added to my world of sandwiches and it made a change from all that peppery rocket and arugala that seems to be all over the shop these days!

I think that the red pepper aioli really blended well to add a tiny bit of sweet heat and the caramelised onion also did it part in taking out some of the richness of that cheese.

All in all it was a really good sandwich, my only complaint was that I like a lot of gooey cheese, and this combo had too many fresh ingredients in it to allow such frivolous gooeiness. Perhaps I should have stuck with my original choice of the classic American? Nah! I made a great choice , one that left me ‘Feelin Gouda’ 🙂

Melt Your Heart can be found, or so I am told, out back of the Green Man Brewery quite a lot. You should also check out their Facebook Page to see what else they are up to and where they may be setting up

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