Kerb at Kings Cross – Tasting the amazing Patate Burgers

Kerb at Kings Cross has grown so much since my first visit back in 2013 when we found Spit and Roast on a rainy day.

Today though in the sunshine we were spoilt for choice with at least 8 different vendors offering up a fantastic range of international street food, something for all tastes. Greek, Vegan, Burgers, Tacos. Wraps, Chicken, Pizza, Flatbreads and so much more.

To see what you could get just check out this list of traders on the Kerb Website

The people that caught our eyes, and that had the best aroma drifting from their stall was the patate. I had read a little about them before we arrived and had been already sold by the tagline on the website that promised Boeuf Bourguignon Burgers Groaning in Melted Cheese – Downright Filthy’

That sounded pretty goddam good to me! On the board they were offering a Cheese Burger made up of ‘Grilled beef stew, cheese, lettuce, gravy & The Patate sauce‘ for £7.

I was having that! We ordered two in fact!

Patate Burger

The Patate burger is quite honestly one of the best bits of street food that I have tasted in the last year. Even though it is not your ‘traditional’ beef burger, it can easily rival many of the plethora of burgers I have chowed down on both here in the UK (which is not that hard) and over in the States (which is more of a feat)

The burger is a patty of stew, beef bourguignon to be exact, formed in a bowl and then crisped and cooked up on the hot flat top grill. It was topped with your choice of cheese (raclette, camembert, or blue cheese), and rested upon a small bed of lettuce and a ‘semi-secret’ patate sauce.

The flavour of the meat and the gravy were superb, not just beef but also a lot of spicy pepperiness, just like you might expect from a beef bougingnon stew.

To see what made all that taste, I helpfully or rather sadly took way too many pictures of the guys flipping the burgers!

I loved watching them make my burgers, although I was never sure exactly which ones on the plate were mine. They went through about three cycles before I finally got my hands on a couple.

The stew was placed on the grill from a ring and was turned a few times as it crisped up and set into a well formed patty. The buns were toasted on the flat top after being brushed with melted butter. The generous slices of cheese are also just dropped onto the hot metal to melt and crisp a little.

It’s is hard to watch without drooling! 🙂

Finally we were getting near the end as they assembled them ready, each one built up with sauce, lettuce, beef and cheese inside those toasted buns.

It’s almost magic

The Final Beast


The patate can be found at Kerb in Kings Cross, Kerb at Camden, sometimes also at the Gherkin and at West India Quay

Check out their Facebook and Twitter Feeds to see where they have rocked up to each day

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