Maria’s at Borough Market – Nice bit of Breakfast Action

Marias Market Cabin should be your first port of call at Borough market if you are looking for your standard English Breakfast. Operating out of a portacabin trailer right in the heart of the action, you could be forgiven for walking on by blinded by the ‘fancier’ food on offer, but you would be making a big mistake.

This place has been here for 50 years according to the Borough Market Facebook page and is run by it’s name sake Maria Moruzzi. It was somewhere that I just had to try out.

The Borough Market website tells us that: “Maria Moruzzi, a true Borough Market stalwart, can break eggs and fry bacon with the best of them. Her parents opened Borough Cafe on Park Street in 1961. Maria began working there as a seven-year-old and eventually took over running the place. She has been part of the fabric of Borough Market ever since. At Maria’s Market Cafe, now located in the heart of Three Crown Square, her bubble and squeak, hearty breakfasts and strong tea have been served up to everyone from market porters to Hollywood film stars.”

Menu Board

There is a simple yet honest chalkboard giving you all the Breakfast options. You would expect to see egg, bacon, and sausage featuring heavily, but I was loving that they were serving up a lot of bubble, and also plenty of black pudding.

You could have everything on a plate all on its own, or you could get it in a more portable sandwich, cob, or bap situation. Handy for munching as you stroll around the market. Well I say stroll when I mean ‘squeeze’ yourself in and out of the crowd.

Egg, Bacon and Black Pudding

I was just looking for a nice breakfast bap so I asked for one filled with ‘Bacon, Fried Egg and Black Pudding’, I love me that black pudding

It might not have looked all that pretty but it was really jolly delicious! The bacon was thick, meaty, and nice and crispy just as I like. There was a great big slice of black pudding, and it was really good black pudding too, none of your cheap stuff here. It had that rich creaminess that always makes it better.

The egg looked a bit crispy and messed up, but the yolk was still nice a runny so that you got that lovely egg breakfast sauce when you bit in to the bap.  There was enough fat and grease from the pan in there to make it feel all comforting as you chomped your way through this baby.

Other Stuff


I liked that they had some other non breakfast options, just in case I needed to eat again. Next time I am down in the smoke I quite fancy trying one of their ‘Special Bison Burgers’ which they say is served with ‘homemade shake shack sauce’  – made from ‘mayo, ketchup, mustard, garlic, paprika’? I might try that at home too as I am quite a fan of the old shake shack burger.

Also was loving that they were old skool with a ‘liver, bacon, and onion’ offering too!

All in all Maria’s was a great find and the only downside was that the bap was so big that I ran out of room for a while in my belly and could not eat too much more lovely market food 😦


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