Rally Point Sports Grill

Rally Point Sport Grill in Cary is located in that big shopping mall area on Bass Pro Lane. There are quite a few places to eat around here but the Grill is kind of dive bar enough to make it a popular post work and lunch spot for a beer and a bit of food with friends

We came over quite a lot and while it might not be the prettiest food in the world it was always tasty, filling and good value for the money.

The Lunch time menu at Rally Point Grill seemed to be a bit of a bargain at $6.99 for each item. I was pretty tempted to just get a ‘Quarter Pound Bacon Cheese Burger’ but I eat a lot of burgers so I thought I would give it a rest today.

Being from the UK I really should have given the ‘Made-from-Scratch Shepherd’s Pie. I was quite curious to see if they had managed to recreate that successfully.

In the end though I just wanted something to comfort me and that was really easy to eat so I ordered the ‘Two All Beef Nathan’s Hot Dogs with Fresh Cut Fries’


I am kind of a simple guy and really fancied just a couple of dirty water dogs with some mustard. There really is something just so satisfying about this type of food.

I know it might be a bit of a tourist thing to do, but I always head over to Coney Island to visit Nathan’s whenever I am over that way, I just love the whole taste and experience (anyway digressed).

They were really good and just what I wanted and even writing this I would like a plateful next to be by the keyboard to snack on as I type! Yum.

One of my favorite bar snack sandwiches is the Patty Melt. I am really not sure if this is a burger or a sandwich? Anyway here at Rally Point Grill they had it listed in their ‘Speciality Burgers’ section.

The Patty Melt was a bit weird, tasty enough, but more of a deconstructed patty melt than a real one, and thinking about it, really not as deconstructed as you could go 🙂

It had a nice lightly burnt flavour with all that heavy char on the flattened burger patty.  Some people might baulk at that crunchiness on the meat, but I quite like it. I alway love the nutty aniseed like taste from of seeds in the rye bread as well

I had to fish out most of the sliced jalapeno as it was just getting in the way of my tastebuds. The mac and cheese side was not the best in the world but it did help take away some of the heat from those green pesky slices of pain

The also did a BBQ plate which was pulled pork, hush puppies , mac and cheese, plus coleslaw. I think you could kind of mix and match a bit as well. I didn’t have this myself but was happy to get a snap of it as BBQ is all the rage around these parts so I wanted to get a glimpse for Comparisons 🙂

RallyPoint Sport Grill is located at 837 Bass Pro Lane, Cary, NC 27513

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