Dosa N Curry in Somerville: Vegetarian and Vegan Fusion

Dosa N’ Curry in Somerville on the outskirts of Boston is a self proclaimed ‘Vegetarian Fusion’ restaurant serving ‘North Indian, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese’ food. They also apparently serve ‘Gourmet Pizza’ but we were not here for that.


The Dosa was the thing to get, I mean the clue was in the name of the joint, so that was the main thing that we were all ordering.  I had the Masala Dosa which they described as being “Crepe filled with potato and curry leaf spiced onion masala” It was priced at $12.95 which was a lot more than I was paying in India, but I guess the running costs are higher here. I hoped that it was going to be worth it.

I like to take the inside shot down the Dosa tunnel, it’s a bit like taking a photo when the massive wave breaks on a surfer beach. Well maybe not quite but I do have a vivid imagination. I was happy enough to find that my Dosa was at least a tube of crispy crepe, all too often I seem to get a flat soggy one, but here at Dosa and Curry they had got off to a good start in my mind by serving me this one just as i had been hoping.

I liked the masala filling, it was nicely spiced and had a suprisingly decent amount of heat. The curry leaf was adding to the flavour and the aroma and it was tantalizing as you leant in to take a sniff.

It was a good start to the meal and perhaps at this point we should have just left while the going was good. That wasn’t to be though as someone thought it would be a good idea to order more food!


We had the mixed starter platter for $10.95 which was a plateful of all the stodgy stuff, that I usually like, but here it all seemed to be too much food to scoff. The plate was filled with Vegetable Pakora, Paneer Pakora, Samosa, Tikki, Chilli Bharjji, and Medhu Vada

I did like the minty dip that came with the platter and I game-fully tried to do my best to put a dent into the plate, but it was a big effort. The pakora’s were not bad, still crispy and not as stodgy as some of the other items. There were some dangerous bits in there though as one of the items were battered whole chillies and you didn’t know until you had taken a bite. After that we were all a lot more careful 🙂


I said that we had ordered more food, we when I say ‘we’, I had nothing to do with it, even though I usually am the one wanting to try as much stuff as possible.

We also had a plate of the Manchurian Style Veg ($13.95), which could have been a good idea, but the sauce was way to thick for my liking and there was not much life in the dish.

To add to that we had a ‘side’ (not my words) of a Vegetable Biryani (also $13.95). Now that could have been a good idea and I did have a few spoonfuls of it to be fair. At this point though I was way too full 😦

To be honest I think if we had got the Daal Makhini or perhaps the Dal Tadka, something more sauce like to help with the dryness of the rice dish then we might have been in a better place.

For once though I wasn’t in charge I was just along for the ride so I just ate what I was given 🙂

All in all despite ordering too much food you had to agree that they provided a pretty decent spread and amount of food at Dosa and Curry.

I was not sure that everything was to my liking but as far as the actual Dosa went that was worth coming here for.

Dosa n Curry is Located at 447 Somerville Ave in Somerville MA 02143 on the edge of Boston. You can check them out on their website and on their Facebook page

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