The GingerMan pub in Boston. Great Craft Beers and some very good Bar Food

The Gingerman on the branch of State Street and Chatham Row was a bar that I headed out to find purely for the name. You see back 5 years ago when I was living in Chicago there was a bar that we used to frequent near Wrigley Field called The Gingerman Tavern.

Since then whenever I hit up a new town I look to see if they too have a ‘Gingerman‘, it has become one of my ‘things to do on holiday’ 🙂

This one on Boston was most certainly worth visiting, forget the name for a moment, this Bar has a lot of really great beer on tap and also a pretty decent bar food menu as well.

I feel that I struck Gold when I walked in through the door and found myself one of the last seats left at the bar! 🙂

Bar Food Menu

I was loving the sound of pretty much all of the stuff on their bar menu. I kind of really do wish that I was living in the area as I think that I could chow my way through this list over a few weekends and nights out in the city.

I love Mac n Cheese and the one that they have here with the 3 cheese combination of cheddar, parmesan, and blue sounded particularly good. It sounded even better when I read that you could add bacon and/or short rib to it as well!

The Meatballs sounded pretty good as well, I love a decent ball of meat! and these ones in a house red sauce with basil, ricotta and a side of garlic bread also piqued my interest.

To add to that the thought of a Southern Fried Chicken slider or a Carhop Cheese Burger slider also sounded so goddam tempting, you didn’t just get one you get three (I saw people eating them)

That wasn’t my choice though, I was about to order my latest bar food of choice that I am hunting down whenever I can

What did I get? you ask?


I ended up choosing the Poutine which was just described as ‘POUTINE beer cheese, spicy hollandaise, short rib’. I kind of feel that maybe they should mention the fries, just for those that are not in the know! I mean it is like most of the dish, and maybe talk about the ‘gravy’ as well that is poured into those chips 🙂

I mean fair enough when you get your basic Poutine situation here at the Gingerman, well it really is that Beer Cheese and all of that Beef short rib that makes this particular Poutine something special. I wasn’t sure about the Hollandaise, I think that was probably the tangy flavour that I was picking up as I chomped my way through this decent sized plateful.

I really enjoyed this version of Poutine and I know that it is basically chips with gravy and cheese, like who though that they could trick us bar punters into paying a decent price for that? Well someone who worked out that we all like jolly tasty food I expect 🙂

The Gingerman in Boston had a board in the doorway offering up 75 draught beers and ‘Comfort Food’. I would say that they certainly seemed to be able to deliver on that boast.

I tried quite a few of the beers from the local Boston area and found them to all be pretty well brewed.

I was particularly taken with a sour beer flavoured with tart cranberry that I think came from the nearby Nightshift Brewery.

I forget to write down the name but it doesn’t really matter as the list here seems to change regularly so I am pretty sure that they will have something that ‘takes your fancy’ or that ‘floats your boat’ when you step in through those doors 🙂


The Gingerman is located at 148 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

It is just around the corner from the Quincy Market and the Faneuil Hall.

I suppose it would be a stretch to suggest that it was on The Freedom Trail, but it kind of is close enough to use this place as a watering hole on your way along that walk 🙂

Check them out as well on Facebook and on Twitter

More Menu Options

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