Meat Inc

Meat Inc in Lincoln at the foot of that Steep Hill is a recent opening to the area.  I popped in last week with myfoodhunting Mate Martin to try it out while we were celebrating or perhaps commiserating his birthday on a pub crawl around the area.

It is located in the building that used to house Ribs ‘n’ Bibs, and it a reinvention of the spot by the same owners who have another Meat Inc over at Caenby Corner

The menu is all about the Burger, with the odd Steak thrown in there for good measure. I am always keen to get my hands on a burger so I was all over this place looking for something tasty.

I probably should have just ordered a classic cheeseburger so that I could see what their basic offerings were like, but you know me I could not resist trying something a little bit different.

I picked out the YellowBelly which combined two of my favourite things Breakfast and a Burger. This particular combination was a 6oz burger patty topped with local black pudding, a local sourced fried egg, and Lincolnshire sausage gravy. To balance out all that erm ‘heartiness’ there was also a smattering of salad hidden there under the bottom of the pile of ‘good stuff’

Each burger is served with lettuce, a slice of beefsteak tomato and a side of seasoned fries. I opted for the seeded pretzel as my choice of bun, which was an interesting offering I thought.

There was a lot to like about this burger combination although you probably really need to like Black Pudding to fully appreciate and enjoy it properly.

The burger itself was a fairly decent patty, I would have liked mine a bit juicier maybe a little pinker. The fried egg was a bit too crisp on the bottom and I like a runny egg yolk too, it is like a really creamy sauce. This one was too well cooked.

I liked the sausage gravy, it reminded me of American gravy and biscuits, nice and thick, meaty and hearty. The best bit was probably that black pudding that gave the whole thing quite a powerful earthy flavour.

I don’t think that it needed any of that salad, that just got in the way and didn’t really go well with the hot gravy.

All in all quite a decent burger combination, I really liked it but I would think that possibly it would not be to everyone’s taste

My Mate Martin opted for one of the steaks, this was basically because they had a birthday deal whereby you got either a free burger or a Steak for £5.

Beer at Meat Inc in Lincoln

Meat Inc seems like a decent place to get a burger and a beer if you are on your way down that Steep Hill in Lincoln it might be worth popping in to check them out

Edit Note: apparently this place is now closed (and was only open for 3 months)


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