Taipei Cafe – Great Chinese Food for lunch

Taipei Cafe is a super little Chinese Restaurant and takeout in Morrisville on Chapel Hill Road near to Park West shopping area serving all the classics and a bit more. It is located on that small strip of shops where Morrisville Post Office and the Gas station also are, just before the EarthFare supermarket

The ‘All Day Menu‘ which has all the familiar dishes such as ‘Sweet and Sour Pork’, ‘Chicken with Broccoli‘, and ‘Low Mein‘. “The Real Home Style Chinese Meal” menu has a few more interesting dishes on it such as the ‘Spicy Braised Beef in Hot Pot‘ and the ‘Assorted Meat in Casserole

There is also a host of really good sounding noodle soup dishes on offer like the ‘Beef Noodle Soup‘ which is always a meaty classic bowlful, and the ‘San Shein Noodle Soup and the ‘Dai-Lu Noodle Soup’ all available for just under $8.

At lunchtime they have a deal where you can get a soup and a main dish (add a can of pop) for less than $10, and that was basically what I did most times I ate here.

Hot and Sour Soup

I started as I often do with a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup. I just love the thick warming spoonfuls and occasionally gloopy broth. Some places this is served quite spicy so it clears out the sinuses, some places it is fairly tame, but is always a hearty and soulful bowl of soup. It is not too spicy at the TaiPei cafe, just enough to warm you up but not too much to make your nose run 🙂

Egg Drop Corn soup

The other option on the lunchtime special is the Egg Drop Corn soup which is a nice enough light soup to cleanse the palate. I don’t mind it when it comes as part of the deal. I just don’t find it as interesting as the Hot and Sour Soup.

General Tsos chicken

I am almost always drawn towards ordering a plate of the General Tsos chicken, it really is one of my go to American Chinese Food guilty pleasures, it is basically a huge pile of lightly often crispy battered, sticky, sweet and sour-sauced chicken bites.

There is not much else to the dish if you are looking for any of your five a day. The occasional slice of green pepper and onion clings in amongst the sticky chicken pieces, however if you are dining with chopsticks you can easily avoid them by just picking up the battered chunks of chicken 🙂

The dish comes with a side of plain boiled rice which is great mixed into the sticky brown sauce in the base of the plate under all that chicken. It might not look much but you really need that rice to take away the richness of the dish, otherwise it is just one big fried chicken fest Chinese style!

Hunan Pork (or maybe Beef) or Maybe Twice cooked Pork 🙂

On just one occasion I decided not to have General Tso’s Chicken and took a chance on another dish. Now I was convinced that I had ordered the Hunan Beef, but you know what it may well have been the Twice Cooked Pork. The thing is that the picture does not really look like either of those dishes. That is probably the main reason that I just ordered from the General after that 🙂

The TaiPei cafe is located at 9825-G Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville, NC 27560. You can check them out on their Facebook Page

Some Menu (check online for up to date price)

TaiPei cafe

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