Cafe Jenny’s in Plymouth: All Day Breakfast

Cafe Jenny’s on West Hoe Road in Plymouth is a great spot for Breakfast if you are down near Bishopsgate at the far end of the Hoe. We had been staying at an air bnb down near the Cremyll Ferry and this place was on the walk from there towards the Hoe. It is in the line of shops and cafes that also includes the Port of Call Cafe, and The West Hoe Pub


The All Day Breakfast at Cafe Jenny’s was a pretty hearty affair, officially the menu describes this as “2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 1 Egg, 2 Hash Browns, Mushrooms, Baked Beans or Grilled Tomato, 2 x Toast, and a Mug of tea or Coffee” for £5.95

The sausages and the bacon were terrific, super crispy skin on the sausage, and salty smoked bacon. I liked the fried egg with its runny yolk and the grilled plump mushrooms too. I wasn’t that keen on the hash browns but to be fair I never am and if I had my foodhunting companion Martin with me I would have been trading them with him for one of his sausages.

I liked that I got tea and toast as part of the deal as that made this exceptionally good value. I admit that it was all too much food, I coudl probably have stopped after the front line of the sausage, bacon, and egg had been consumed but instead I used the toast to make baked beans on toast as well 🙂


Ok so I did go for the bigger of the breakfast offerings at Cafe Jenny’s and I as I said it was jolly good and filled me up for the day. If am honest it was as I suggested too much and it stopped me eating for a few hours. Now that is great if you are eating for fuel, but if like I you want to eat as many different things in a new City as you can, well it’s a bit of a hinderance.

Next time I would have gone for the Light Breakfast of 2 bacon, scrambled egg, grilled tomato, baked beans, mushroom and toast (and I would probably leave the toast)

Cafe Jenny’s is located in Bishopgate at 20 West Hoe Road.

Check them out on their Facebook Page

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