The Harbourside: Fish and Chips at the Barbican

The Harbourside Fish and Chip shop is located down on Southside Street at the Barbican in Plymouth. When we visited there was a sign saying that they had won 3rd place the National Fish and Chips awards. That was enough to make us pick this chippy out as the place to eat at over all the other ones on and around the harbour


We both had Haddock and Chips with Mushy peas, I am sure that there was some sort of deal but I forgot to take a picture of the menu where it was detailed. When you look online they have a deal for Cod, Chips and Peas, but I reckon we got basically the same thing with Haddock, we smiled nicely 🙂 Anyway all in all it was about 8-9 quid to eat in.

I have to say that they serve a jolly nice piece of battered fish here at The Harbourside. The batter is nice and crisp, it covers the whole fillet and the fish inside tastes fresh and juicy. You can tell that this is good fish and when you are by the seaside that what you are expecting and hoping for.

There were a lot of chips and pretty decent ones to be fair, they were not at all soggy and their were honestly perhaps too many to scoff (note though I did eat all mine). We liked the mushy peas, they tasted really fresh as well and I was happy that they were just all about the pea and not minty like some places can be.

There was a map on the wall showing where the Fish that was being served had been caught. I really liked that touch as it made you feel part of the story. I checked out the website and read that their fish “comes from sustainable fishing grounds like Iceland, Norway and Barents Sea” which ties in with the map I took a picture of.

I could see why this place has won awards, not only was the Fish, Chips, and Mushy Peas a cracking meal, they also really seem to be taking a great effort to produce a quality product and spread a positive message.

As well as comparing their food to other ‘Fast Foods’ and showing more desire to create a healthier version, their shop is Gluten free too

The Harbourside is Located at 35 South Street, Plymouth on the Barbican you can also check them out on their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and on their Instagram profile

Note: Since the original post the Harbourside is a finalist and in the running for the 2019 Fish and Chip Awards too

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