Mama Ritas Kitchen: Caribbean Soul Food

Mama Rita’s Kitchen on Cornwall Street is the place to go if you are looking for some Caribbean Food in Plymouth. We were in the area checking out the Plymouth Market and chanced upon the place. There was a newspaper cutting in the window saying that they had won an award for their Food so we though that was a good sign


We checked the menu out and were excited to see that they had a Goat Curry as we both love Goat meat. I have a great recipe on the blog that we use whenever we have some goat meat (read more here)

Disaster! They only had enough for one portion, it had been that popular during the day that they had almost run out.

We took what we could get and figured we could order something else and share a bit (well maybe)


The Curry Mutton / Curry Goat is described very simply on the menu as ‘Slow cooked marinated mutton / goat with seasoned potatoes & vegetables.”

I thought that this was excellent and I could easily see why they would sell out of this dish. The meat was very tender and was falling apart as you forked through it. The sauce was rich and thick, spicy but not too spicy. I think that the carrots and potatoes had eased some of the heat.

There was a decent amount of rice and peas to help to mop up the gravy as well, and the whole thing was a very comforting bowl of soul food. The can of Red Stripe that I ordered to assist with the task of scoffing this meal helped as well πŸ™‚


The Caribbean Chicken curry was a quite colourful dish, the menu had said that it was served with ‘vegetables’ but it didn’t say ‘all the vegetables!’ πŸ™‚

This dish was officially described as ‘Chicken breast cooked with a blend of spices, vegetables and coconut milk‘. That gave very little away and when it came we were surprised and happy to see just how many peppers and beans they had added into the curry.

Even though I was more than happy with my Goat dish, I would not have minded having this Chicken curry if they had run out totally of goat.

Mama Rita’s Kitchen is located at 31 Market Avenue in Plymouth PL1 1PG

Check them out as well on their Facebook Page

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