Elviras Cafe in Plymouth: Great spot for Breakfast

Elviras Cafe in Plymouth is located in Stonehouse on Admiral’s Hard down by the slipway where you can ride the foot ferry over to Cremyll. It was also really close to the AirBNB we were staying at, so the day we planned to take the ferry over to Mount Edgcombe park was the day we picked out to get a breakfast at the cafe to set us up for the day

The breakfast menu at Elviras Cafe seemed to be very reasonably priced. In all honesty it was more a case of not getting too much and what not to get. I would have happily picked and scoffed most of their offerings


The Full English for just £4.40 seemed to be excellent value for money. The menu lists this as being a plate of ‘Fried egg, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, hash brown, mushroom, toast, beans or tomatoes

Mother ordered this and I reckon that she made a really good choice. It looked good and I know she enjoyed it.


The Half English was my surprise choice, I was ordering a plate of ‘Fried egg, 1 bacon, 1 sausage, hash brown, toast, beans or tomatoes‘ but I also ordered a side of black pudding to go with it.

If I am honest I should not have bothered with the Black Pudding, it was OK but I would have rather had extra bacon and extra sausage

I messed up breakfast by being too clever. Having said that I still was well happy with what I got, I just knew that there was a better breakfast situation that I had missed out on.

Looking back in hindsight I should have just gone big and had it large by ordering the ‘Farmhouse breakfast’ from the chalkboard!

The Farmhouse Breakfast was listed as being “3 bacon, 2 Fried eggs, 2 sausages, Mushrooms, Black pudding, Hogs pudding, Grilled Tomato, Beans, 2 Toast, 2 Hash Browns or Chips” for £6.50

I am not sure that I could have eaten it all myself, but I am sure I could have offered some odd bits and pieces out to my travelling companion.

I would have been happy trading down and ending up with
2 bacon, 2 Fried eggs, 2 sausages, Mushrooms, Black pudding, Beans, 2 Toast” for £6.50

Really in the end my only sadness in this whole affair was only getting 1 Fried Egg 😦

Elviras Cafe is located at 7 Admirals Hard, Stonehouse in Plymouth. Just a short walk to the landing where you can catch the Ferry over to Cornwall

It is a really good cafe, very popular, and very reasonable pricewise

Check them out on their Facebook Page

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