Sichuan Hot Pot Cuisine

Sichuan Hot Pot Cuisine is on Pell Street in NY Chinatown, we found ourselves here looking for dumplings after we had found that our old favourite the Excellent Dumpling House had closed down.

To be honest we had been wandering around for about half an hour just getting more and more hungry so we just took a chance on this place as the mentioned dumplings on the menu in the window. It was a total punt.

I have to say that I do love a good old laminated menu with pictures when I am in Chinatown. I was pretty hopeful when I perused this one as the dumplings and potstickers looked just like I was wanting.


The pan fried dumplings were a bit more yellow and a bit crispier than I had expected. OK so they did look just like the ones in the picture on the menu, but I had hoped that was just the lighting in the restaurant.

I liked them anyway, the skins were crispy and chewy and the pork filling was juicy and had a nice classic mix of minced pork and chinese vegetables

I might have liked them slightly softer but I wasn’t complaining.


The steamed dumplings were even better, lovely little soft balls packed with prawn and chinese herbs. They were a little bit slippery and you had to be careful of the hot juice that splurted out when you bit in. That was half the fun though as you chased them around the steamer with your chopsticks

Overall it was not quite the same as the Excellent Dumpling House but the dumplings here were still really good. Next time in town will have to try some more places out in search of great dumplings.


Sichuan Hot Pot Cuisine is located at 34 Pell Street, NY 10013 in New York’s Chinatown. It is on the corner where Pell Street joins Mott Street

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