Harry Ramsbottoms Fish and Chips in Skegness

Harry Ramsbottom’s is one of many Fish and Chip shops on the front in Skegness. If I had the time I would probably spend a season eating my way through them all. I was only here for a night though on this visit so just had to pick one to try. We were so spoiled for choice that in the end we picked one that seemed to be popular, had plenty of seats, and was not too pricey


The offer on the board outside for Haddock and Chips with Mushy Peas for £5.50 and was exactly what I was looking for! I don’t like to mess about with my Fish and Chip choices and I am always all over the haddock when I can get it


The Haddock was being cooked to order so took about 5-6 minutes to be ready. That was great as I knew it was going to be fresh and piping hot. I hate it when my fish has been sitting on the counter for a while before I get it. I love the moment when I see the fish scooped out of the fryer just as I get there. That is my Fish and Chip shop winner moment 🙂


This was a seriously decent sized portion, it was almost overwhelming! The piece of haddock was huge and covered in a nice crisp batter. It was perched on top of a large tray of chips and mushy peas, so it took a while to eat through enough fish to get to the chips.

I liked the firm and meaty chunks of Haddock that I was cutting out of the batter, it was well cooked, nice and juicy and fresh tasting. The batter was mostly pretty good, the only downside was that after a while the part that was resting on top of the chips got a bit soggy as it was steaming hot underneath.

Chips were pretty good, there were a lot of them and I confess that I was defeated by the size of the portion so many of them and a bit of the soggier batter didn’t get eaten. The mushy peas were green and thick and just added a bit of added lubrication to help it all down.

All in all great value for money, if I knew that the batter was going to get soggy I would have asked for that to be on a separate tray, then I think all would have been perfect


Harry Ramsbottom’s is one of many Fish and Chip shops in Skegness taking up a great location right on the corner by the seafront as you pass the roundabout

I felt that it was a pretty decent effort, I know that the batter got a bit soggy after a while but perhaps that was due to my slow scoffing ability. I reckon that if it was put on a proper plate then it would have been fine.

Check this place out if you are heading to Skegness. if you go somewhere else and you recommend that place, drop me a line and I’ll check them out next time 🙂

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