Early Bird Breakfast at Yorkies Cafe in Skegness

Yorkies Cafe on the High Street in Skegness looked at first sight to be your classic greasy spoon emporium, but when you get inside you find that as well as your standard British cafe options they also trade as offering “Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, and Gluten Free Options”

Having said all that, we had just vacated our seafront hotel where we had declined the opportunity to pay 9 quid for breakfast and were here in search of a cheaper more reasonably priced bit of food to start the day.


The board outside the Yorkie’s cafe was offering an Early Bird Breakfast for £3.70. It was only available before 10.30am and as it came with a free cup of tea we figured it was our best value option for brekkie.

For your money you were getting a plate with 1 Egg, 1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, Beans or Tomatoes, Toast or Fried Bread and as I said a Tea or a Coffee.


This Early Bird breakfast wasn’t going to be winning many awards in a beauty contest and it might have benefited from being served up on a smaller plate as all that white space made it look like something was missing.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this plateful, the sausage was slightly dubious and I could not confirm any level of quality in content or in preparation. It kind of fell apart as you tried to cut through it. Having said that I still ate it as I am not that fussy.

The bacon was ok and the egg although it looks a bit pale was cooked with a nice runny yolk and a firm white. The beans were really hot, I think that they must have spouted out from some sort of baked bean volcano and I had to let them cool down a bit.

In the end though I was having egg on toast, and beans on toast, so your standard greasy spoon experience.

For the money you could not really go wrong 😉

Yorkies Cafe is located at 18 High Street right on the pedestrian section. There were a few other cafes nearby and some fish and chips shops too, so is plenty to choose from

It was one of the first places that we saw when we walked towards the shoreline from the railway station so had come back to check them out

Next time we are in town we will probably see what else the places around have to offer, but this place was very friendly and we felt quite welcome so might be interested to see what they have on offer around lunchtime if we came in again

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