@Kitchen in Plymouth Market: Great Vietnamese Street Food

@Kitchen is a fantastic little Vietnamese Cafe situated inside Plymouth Market up on the balcony. It was a terrific find, when we walked up the steps to the gantry we passed several greasy spoon type spots before almost stumbling onto this place.

I was pretty keen to check out a bowl of the Noodle Soup or Pho to give it the right name. They had a lot of choices, chicken, steak, brisket, pork, prawns, tofu and vegetable and at a very reasonable price of just $5.50. It was good to see that they were listing out the gluten free and vegan options on the menu as well, as it is not always obvious what is what

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket Pho

I ordered a bowl of the Pho with ‘Slow cooked Beef brisket’. I do love the flavours of that particular cut of meat. It came topped with a garnish of chopped scallions and a side dish of bean sprouts, sliced red chilli and some herb that you could add to the bowl as you saw fit.

The brisket was falling apart in the broth and muddied the waters so to speak, it didn’t muddy my thoughts on just how good the dish was though. Broth wise the beef had turned it into more of a soup / gravy experience with lots of lovely flaky bits of meat floating about

The thick soft noodles, pulled brisket slices, and the crunchy beansprouts all came together to produce a somewhat wonderful bowlful of food. I was a little sad that we don’t live down here as I would love to work my way through the noodle menu and try the other options.

Pork Dumplings

There was so many other great things to be found on the menu @Kitchen I just could not resist ordering the Pork dumplings as well, these were also somewhat immense packed with flavour, gentle herbs mixed in with pork mince all bound up in the soft and lightly chewy dumpling wrapper. It came with a dip of soy sauce, but there was plenty of other condiments on table that you could mix in to make it a bit more interesting if you wanted. I personally just liked the simplicity of the light soy sauce as it doesn’t overpower the flavours

Some Menu Options

I was so happy to find @Kitchen in Plymouth Market and I will be visiting them again next time that we find ourselves in the area

You can check them out on their Website and also on their Facebook page and on their Instagram Feed

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