The Duke of Reuben: Street Food at Spark in York

The Duke of Reuben are one of the street food vendors occupying a space at Spark in York at the moment. We checked them out when we visited Spark as they seemed to have some of the more interesting sandwiches on offer and they also were keen to serve us when we peered curiously at the menu boards.

They have as you might expect an offering of their take on a Classic Reuben sandwich. The chalkboard describes this as “Roasted Salt Beef Pastrami, Melted Swiss cheese, Dill pickles, Heaps of Sauerkraut, generous amounts of Russian dressing on toasted malted Rye bread”

That description sounded just like the sort of thing that I had eaten before over in the states so I was keen to check this sandwich out. The only thing is that the Classic Reuben is usually made with Corned Beef, so basically this was a Reuben style pastrami sandwich then?


I liked the taste of the sandwich, it had all of the flavour profiles that I recognised and that I needed to remind me of the classic Reuben. The Russian dressing is the kicker and that is what you are looking for to change this from a cheese and pastrami toastie đŸ™‚

There was a decent amount of meat filling the sandwich, not as much as you would get in a New York Deli but more that you often get in the UK so I was pleased that they hadn’t skimped with the portions

I liked the molten swiss cheese mixed in with the sauerkraut. I am still learning to ‘love’ the taste of that, it is one that you like when you eat it but one that I don’t always crave.

Overall this is a pretty decent sandwich and felt true to form and tasted like ones I have had in the states (pastrami aside đŸ™‚ ).

The Lousiana sandwich sounded really good on the chalkboard: “Slow cooked pork shoulder cooked in a a Hot Sauce marinade, Red cabbage slaw, melted blue Stilton cheese, more Buffalo Sauce, all served in a pretzel bun” for £7.50


This was another great sandwich from the Duke of Reuben, the bun was packed out with fillings and the sauces and juices were dripping out everywhere. I know that it does look like a bit of an unwieldy mess but you know what it all held together pretty well and maintained its sandwich integrity throughout the scoff.

I had feared that stuff would fall out and that the filling would be all over the place as it was eaten. Apart from the obvious sauce smearage on the hands and the face, the pretzel bun did it job admirably holding stuff in-situ.

The meat was good, and the sauces were tangy with enough heat to keep it real yet not too much to ruin the tastebuds.

This is also a really decent sandwich and I think I would have chosen this one over the Reuben if we were just getting one bite of food from these guys. Close call though.

If we make it back over this way again and Duke of Reuben are still in house then I really want to try the Cuban sandwich as well.

The menu described that as ‘Mojo Pork Shoulder, Cuban Orange Mojo sauce, swiss cheese, pickles and slaw in a pretzel bun

I reckon that I could get my ‘mojo’ on to eat on of those for certain

There were other traders that we might have liked to eat at but although their shutters were up there was no-one to be seen. Afterwards we found that some of the other vendors were lurking on seats nearby to their stalls as it was a hot day so it looked at first sight like there was no-one there but no-one jumped up as we were looking so I suppose that was their loss

To Check out The Duke of Reuben you can see what they are up to on their Facebook Page, and on their Instagram Feed

Check out Spark on their Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, and their Instagram Feed

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