The Lord High Admiral in Plymouth: Checking out the Burger

The Lord High Admiral in Stonehouse was another great pub that we checked out in Plymouth. It was located on the corner of East Street and Stonehouse Street just across from Rock Salt (another restaurant that we also had our eye on)

Inside it is a proper boozer, plenty of tables, loads of people drinking real ale and lagers (the occasional cider head) and a menu listing the pub classics, yet offerings that did sound a lot more interesting than your standard pub fare.


The Burger menu was the only place that I was looking and the only beef burger on the list was THE L.H.A BURGER so I was ordering one of those,

This was listed on the Menu as being ‘homemade chuck beef pattie, Guiness and maple bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, Red Leicester cheese, tomato, gherkins, homemade burger sauce‘ for £13

The Burger arrived on one of those metallic type camping plates with a big mug full of lightly seasoned fries and a decent looking little side salad. I didn’t really need all of the greenery but it was welcomed all the same

I took a closer look at my burger so that I could get a decent photo, cos I a bit sad like that. First impressions were good, I was loving the crispy bacon slices poking out of the bun and the melted Monterey Jack cheese layering the burger patty was really getting the juices flowing.

I wondered where the melted Red Leicester cheese was so I lifted the top bun to get a better view and there it was topping the bacon where it was mingling with it’s friend the homemade burger sauce 🙂

This was all working out really well, I do love a homemade patty and chuck is a great cut of meat to make a burger from. Toppings wise Maple bacon is my fave and always welcome, then add into the mix TWO types of cheese melted on my burger? Hell yeh! I was really enjoying this one.

In all honesty the thought of a ‘Spicy battered hake, with sesame lime slaw and tangy wasabi lime mayo‘ would have been a dream combo. It actually has me drooling now just thinking about how that sandwich would shake down as I ate it 🙂 nom nom nom

But you know what? the BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN and THE HAKE ME OUT ‘Burgers’ did sound real good, and if I had wanted a ‘Fried Chicken Sandwich’ or a bun filled with ‘Battered fish’ I may well have gone for both of them.

The Lord High Admiral is located at 33 Stonehouse Street in Plymouth,

PL1 3PE if you are chucking the postcode into your phone for directions.

You can check them out on their Facebook Page, on their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile

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