Chip Ahoy in Padstow

Chip Ahoy in Padstow seems to be the locals Fish and Chip Shop. While the tourists and visitors to town gravitate over to Rick Steins on the harbourside, those in the know head up to Chip Ahoy on Broad Street next to a Taste of Padstow to get their Traditional Fish and Chips. We had already done the whole Rick thing so we happy enough to listen to the locals and check this place out.

Pricewise things were already looking up! Haddock and Chips were £7.80 add a pot of mushy peas (as you have to do by chip law) and you are looking at a quite reasonable £9.20. Note that was way cheaper than the £12.45 we paid at Ricks <gulp>

We had the Haddock and Chips to take out, and a pot of peas to share. I took the chance to snap a picture of my battered fish and chips when they hit the counter as you do. This was a very decent sized box of food for the price.

There were a few tables outside Chip Ahoy, but we took our chances on the the benches by the harbour wall amongst the swooping sea gulls. I think they were as hungry as us but they did not get much of a look in as I was scoffing this whole tray to myself.

I loved this meal, the fish was great, lots of solid meaty and juicy white flesh encased in a decent batter. It could perhaps have been crisper and to be honest it might have been when it first hit the counter, but I think being inside a box as we hunted for a seat made it a little less crispy.

Chips wise they were a solid effort, full of potato (well you would expect that) and with a nice fry on them. If anything there were perhaps too many of them and I know you should not complain about that. Mushy peas were a little bit runny but that was ok with me as I like a bit of sauce to mop up my chips with

Overall though this was a really excellent box of Haddock and Chips and I have to say that the locals were correct, this is the best place to get your Chippy Tea in town. I will be dining at Chips Ahoy again next time we visit


Chip Ahoy is located at 8 Broad Street in Padstow. It is next door to the excellent Pint of Padstow where you buy and sample the beers from Padstow Brewery. We recommend that you do 🙂

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