Cornish Pasty Hunting in Looe: Sarah’s Pasties

Sarah’s Pasty Shop in Looe is probably my Favourite place to get a Cornish pasty in Cornwall. It is a really fantastic bakery located on the narrow Buller Street in East Looe in an old fishing cottage, tucked away within the rows of little shops and galleries just near the harbourside.

On their website they describe “The Proper Cornish Pasty” saying that ‘This the traditional Cornish pasty, if you’ve never had one before…this is a must”.

Having visited here and eaten several of these I have to concur with their thoughts!


Once inside and through the door you are greeted with a counter filled with lots of lovely looking baked savoury pastries. All the pastry looked golden brown just as I like it, and before you comment I don’t think it was the lighting in the counter cabinet!


The second time we visited Sarah’s Pasty shop they seem to have less options on offer, I don’t know if we were early or late, or we came on the wrong day. To be honest it did not really matter as we were just here for one of the Traditional Cornish Pasties


The sign outside says the Pasties are “Made fresh daily on the premises” and when you get inside you can see the ladies at the back of the shop putting them together in a mini production line. The first time we visited I actually thought that it was a pasty making class and really wanted to find out how to join in.


The detail on Sarah’s Pasty Shop website tells us that their pasties are ‘Filled with potato, swede, onion, hand cut Cornish skirt and carefully seasoned‘ which is all I hope for from any Cornish Pasty

I think that the thing that I love the most about Sarah’s Pasties is the baking on the pastry. It is so golden in colour and such a great looking bit of pastry.

It is good to find a Cornish Pasty where the wrapping around the contents is every bit as good as the ingredients. It’s a bit like getting a pizza where the base is an equal to the toppings


I do like that there is a good mix of ingredients inside the pasty and that it is well distributed so that you get a good mouthful of everything with each bite. Even on the first bite which often ends up just being pastry many times in some places.

I know that this picture was a bit blurred so you can’t really see the luscious meat fillings and the cubes of vegetable that well, so just squint a bit like for one of those 3D pictures we used to rave about and imagine


If you turn up at the Sarah’s Pasty Shop at the wrong time of day then you will most likely find yourself in a pretty long queue. On this day we were not actually at the back, when I got my phone out we were, but by the time I took this photo another 4-5 groups had joined in behind us!

Its really is well worth the wait and the drive here, I love the pasties so much from this bakery that we came back to Looe for a day trip this year specifically to get a Pasty and to complete this blog post. So in essence it has been two years in the making and the eating


Sarah’s Pasties is located at

6 Buller Street, East Looe, Cornwall PL13 1 AS

Once in Looe follow the road towards the Quay and the Beach and as the main street forks into two take the right fork towards the harborside and its just past the pub. I reckon though it is that well known and popular so just ask anyone that you see scoffing a pasty out of a stripy paper bag. Once you spot one person eating a Sarah’s Pasty in the street you just cannot stop spotting them.


As a kind of footnote I have to mention that their Sausage Rolls are especially excellent as well. The pastry casing is golden and flaky, the meat filling well seasoned and baked so that you get the best of both worlds with a crispy bit of sausage meat poking out of each end of the pastry tube and then lovely juicy moist sausage inside the roll as well. Totally fantastical in a Sausage Roll world!

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