Sunday Lunch at the Molesworth Arms in Wadebridge

The Molesworth Arms Hotel is a very busy and bustling place located on Molesworth Street in Wadebridge. According to their website it is “Wadebridge’s oldest, finest watering hole” and it has been here under various names since the 16th Century.

We came along looking for Sunday Dinner and the place was pretty full even though it was just before 5pm. It seemed that we were out of luck as we had not booked, but then we got that bonus call when they said we could have a table if we were in and out before the table was needed at 6. We were like if you can give me a plate of food quick I can scoff that down no problem.


The Sunday Roast section of the Menu declares that they ‘proudly serve our roasts with roasted potatoes, a selection of fresh vegetables & home made Yorkshire puddings.’

The options being basically Beef, Chicken, or Lamb (plus a veggie loaf) we skipped straight through and declared that we would like the Roast Beef which the menu described more eloquently as

“Slow Roasted Sirloin”- ‘ Slowly roasted overnight for a succulent and tender joint full of flavour’


In my life I have eaten a fair number of Sunday Roasts down the pub and every so often I stumble upon one that I fall in love with. Now today I was feeling a tingle in my loins when I started eating this one here at the Molesworth Arms Hotel. Could there be a romance in the air?

It wasn’t the beef that was getting me hot under the collar, it was all the stuff around it, the bits on the plate that were supposed to be the supporting acts.

Yes the meat was good and tasty, but the vegetables on the plate were truly excellent. The stars were the creamy buttered leeks, they were not even on the playbill but were taking over the show!

The gravy was generously applied and looking after everyone else on the plate which was filled up with roast potatoes, parsnips, kale, carrots (somewhere I recall), and swede mash too. It was like a smorgasbord of root vegetables vying for my attention.


The menu had promised Homemade Yorkshire Puddings and they certainly delivered with this beautiful one perched on top of my plate.

We were also delighted to get another pot of gravy to assist with pudding lubrication as well although to be honest they had supplied more than enough of that brown liquid gold already

I would have loved a couple more of these, even though I probably already had plenty on my plate


I almost forgot to mention that we also had a pot of Cauliflower Cheese to share. It was jolly good being both creamy and cheesy, one of the better offerings I have had for a while alongside my Sunday Lunch.

We didn’t really need the extra food if I am honest but we did anyway and why not!

I really do have to say that the Sunday Lunch at the Molesworth Arms Hotel was excellent. It was really easy to see why they were booked out and full of diners.

Talking to the two servers who were sorting us out today they both said they had eaten a Sunday Lunch too already. It seems that they get that as part of the deal. Wish I worked here too then on that basis. Only problem with that is that I would be twice the size and I am already pushing it as it is!

The Molesworth Arms Hotel was also serving up some decent real ale and I was enjoying this pint of Tribute from the St Austell Brewery. If we make it back this way again on a different day I will be taking the opportunity to drink some more beer and eat some more food for certain

The Molesworth Arms Hotel is located on Molesworth Street in Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7DP

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