Nelsons Coffee Shop in Well Next the Sea – Nice Homemade Food

Nelson’s Coffee Shop in Wells Next the Sea is located at the top of Staithe Street one of the busiest streets in town that runs up from the Quay.

As we are visiting in the midst of Covid just after things are reopening the town was a little quiet but this place was proving very popular so we took a chance and grabbed ourselves a table to check them out


The Specials Board was offering up three different Roast dinners with the options being Beef, Chicken Breast, and a Vegetarian Nut Roast. I quite fancied the Roast Beef but it was a Monday! πŸ™‚

The other special was the Homemade Pie of “Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Chestnut Mushrooms in Sage Gravy” for Β£12 which we did order


If you like a proper pie with loads of gravy then you will love this Chicken, Bacon, and Mushroom pie at Nelsons! It is a real belly filler with pastry all around (top and bottom) and lots of filling. You get a great big slice cut from an even huger pie, chips and lashings of gravy

This is proper cooking and when they say homemade here at Nelson’s they really do mean it!


As if all that pie and gravy was not enough they also present you with a huge bowl of vegetables to go alongside it. All a bit no frills but all the classics are offered, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli.

In all honesty I think that it was enough with chips but who was complaning? πŸ™‚


Once I had seen the Homemade beef Lasagne on the menu described as being ‘With minced beef, onions, mushrooms, garlic, herbs, tomatoes topped with a creamy white sauce topped with cheese served with chips and fresh salad” I was only ever going to be ordering that and I did.

I did like the sound of the Homemade Steak and Kidney Pie with ‘top and bottom shortcrust pastry’ and briefly toyed with the idea of trying the Beef Burger just because I always do love a burger but not today, no today was all about the Lasagne for me! πŸ™‚


I was really looking forward to eating this Homemade Lasagne so was very happy when the plate arrived. Just like the pie it was a slice cut from a larger lasagne pan and I seemed to have been lucky getting an end piece so I got some of those lovely crispy bits from the edge of the pan.

It was a really good slice filled with plenty of meat and a lot of nice sauce, also loved the topping where the cheese had bubbled away and got crispy in places

The whole thing had a lovely deep rich flavour and unlike some tomato sauces that can be a bit sharp this one was sweet and creamy absolutely fantastic

I did eat all the chips, mostly using them to mop up the red sauce that was left from the lasagne. I confess that I did not eat all of the salad but lets be honest it wasn’t needed on this plate, more chips and pasts please guvnor

I have to say that while the prices at Nelson’s are a little higher than I usually like to pay in a cafe type of place, they were in keeping with the area and in the end Β£12 for the pie and Β£11.50 for the lasagne felt like good value for the quality of the food that we were served.

I liked the tagline on the chalkboard outside that said ‘Our Food is Homemade + Locally Sourced’ that is exactly the type of place I want to be eating out at when I am on a MyFoodHunt πŸ™‚

Nelson’s is located at 21 Staithe Street in Wells Next the Sea NR23 1AG.

You can check them out on their Facebook Page

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