YESU Community Cafe in Sheringham

Yesu Community Cafe and Community Fridge in Sheringham is known as ‘The Peoples Place’ and having popped in while we were visiting the area it was easy to see why.

Open since 2002 it is run by volunteers and in their own words;

Our seaside cafe provides a warm and welcoming space to meet friends and make new ones. We serve a range of cafe favourites; tasty toasties, homemade soup, scones, and generous sponge cakes and a great pot of tea or cup of freshly ground coffee


Homemade Soup, Cakes and Toasties certainly seemed to be the name of the game and there were plenty of people stopping buy to support and be supported while we were there.


At first glance it was all as suggested as the menu was basically toasties, cafes, and a soup I liked that is was small and neat with not too many things on it, then I read properly on the menu:

At Yesu we try to keep things simple, local & seasonal. Our stripped down menu reduces food waste and ensures our diverse team of volunteers can serve you efficiently & safely during this time’

Sounds like a really great message and a great thought, I saw that they has a group of volunteers helping to serve and they were all doing a great job keeping the tables clean, taking orders and serving up the food


The Soup of the Day at Yesu on today’s chalk board was “Leek and Potato with Wild Garlic” as soon as you read that you just know that someone has made that earlier in the day from scratch!

The Leek & Potato with Wild Garlic soup was delicious, packed full of real flavours of the all the ingredients. It came with some nice whole meal bread from the local bakery and a pot of butter. It was just the thing for a light lunch on a cool day and for Β£4 was good value.


I had the Norfolk Dapple Cheese Toasty with came with ‘Candi’s award winning chutneys and Homemade Coleslaw’

I had not had this cheese before and was told that it was a local cheese apparently produced by Ferndale Farm at Little Barningham, in Norfolk and all the milk used to make it comes from one nearby farm – Abbey Farm in Binham. Now that is my kind of local sourcing.

It was quite a nice cheese seemed to be a bit of hard cheese like a solid cheddar and had a strong flavour so you did not need much in the toastie. Good job as well it was as if everyone piled as much cheese and filling into their sandwiches as I do at home,they would not even break even let alone make any profit πŸ™‚

The sarnie came as I noted with both Coleslaw and Chutney was really good and is another locally or regionally produced good that they make use of at Yesu.

I actually quite liked the coleslaw, and I find myself saying that lot recently so either people are making it a lot more from scratch or my tastes are changing.


We didn’t manage to get as far as cakes as this was really only supposed to have been a quick stop for a cup of tea and coffee. Yesu had already managed to distract with soup and sandwich! πŸ™‚

Looking back I wished we had got cake as well. Until I checked my photos I had forgotten that I had spied this somewhat dream like Chocolate and Salted Caramel cake on the counter!

Still it is something to look forward to next time we are in Sheringham and a good excuse to pop back on our next trip to the area

Yesu Community Centre Cafe is located a 15 High Street in Sheringham, NR26 8JP. It is not far away from the seafront and the beach.

You can follow them and see what is happening on their social feeds, check out their Facebook page and Instagram profile

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