St Agnes bakery – Cornish Pasty Hunting

St Agnes Bakery have apparently been baking Cornish pasties for over 100 years and judging by the line of people waiting outside to buy one when we visited it is clear that they are very popular

At the moment you cannot go inside the bakery so they are selling their baked goods through various windows.

When we finally got to the front of the line we could get a gander into the kitchen where I could see a whole lot of pastry action on the counter inside.

It was all a bit quick and there seemed no time to check out everything that they had to offer so we just got a couple of medium steak pasties and I also tagged on a sausage roll as I had read somewhere that they are quite famous for them .


Without a shadow of doubt this was the best looking bit of baking I had laid eyes on during this trip. The pastry was golden and brown, the crimp small and inobstrusive and I could already tell it was going to be great bite

Inside the pasty were good layers of potato and swede and plenty of juicy and peppery meat. The pastry itself was golden and flakey and was the sort that leaves little crumbs floating about as you eat it.

We had taken our pasties all the way down the steep hill to the beach to eat, which was a good idea for the view but sadly it was a bad idea if you wanted to pop back for another one.

Luckily I had ordered that sausage roll then 🙂


The sausage roll was indeed excellent also, very flaky pastry, nice and golden crust. Inside packed out with a solid but moist herby sausage meat filling.


They are in a small but quite busy village and was very popular on the day that we visited. It may be a little bit out of the way but the pasties and the sausage rolls were so good that I would happily make a special trip to visit and to scoff one or more

St Agnes Bakery is located at 11 Churchtown in St Agnes, Corwall, TR5 0QP

You can also check them out on their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile

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