The Pasty Cellar in Polzeath

The Pasty Cellar in Polzeath is pretty much as described in the name. I don’t want to describe it as dingy but it is a bit no frills as you step down off the main road into a basement room where they are selling pasties and it is in Polzeath.

There is a nice nod to the main activity of the area with a picture of a surfer on the sign and I liked the play on words in the naming of the place.

Once inside you are greeted with a small counter upon which sits a heating cabinet filled with a load of baked pasties keeping warm. The sign above the counter gives a listing of what is on the menu and as you would expect it is basically pasties.

We opted for the medium Steak pasty for £3.50 which is pretty much my default choice these days. From the outside it looked nicely baked and you could see the juice had oozed out of the top. There was quite a thick crimp to the pasty and that looked like a bit of a waste of pastry to me 🙂

Inside the pasty it was fairly well layered with the meat topped off with slice potato. The actual flavour of the pasty was ok, but it was perhaps all a bit mushed up. The bake of the pasty was a bit off, with a few soft bits especially in that crimped section.

At the end of the day it was just your bang average pasty and there was probably less story to be told that I had hoped for having walked all the way from Rock to find this place.

The sign outside tells more of a story of this place than anything, it seems that the pasties are being brought in from the Polmorla Pasties in Bude. I had read on tripadvisor comments that the pasties were made fresh on the premises but that was back in 2019 and a lot has happened since then, maybe we just lucked out this time.

The Pasty Cellar in Polzeath is located about 5 minutes walk from the beach on Dunders Hill PL27 6SR. It is a bit hidden away and you have to trust you are not on a wild pasty chase when following the lady on google maps as she gives the directions 🙂

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