Boscastle Bakery: Cornish Pasty Hunting

Boscastle Bakery serving ‘Award winning pasties freshly baked every day’ are located on Bridge Walk just a few minutes walk away from the big car park on the way down to the harbour.

Based on their location there really isn’t any reason or excuse not to pass by or rather pop in as they are on the way to and from everywhere 🤣🤣

I can’t resist a pasty and have been on a bit of a pasty tour around Cornwall over the last few years so we popped in to pick up a couple and sample their fare.

I always gravitate towards a classic steak pasty but as with many places these days the bakery caters for other tastes with fillings such as Lamb & Mint and Stilton & Steak pretty sure there was a Veggie option too.

Anyway we got Steak Pasties, Medium ones, just for a change

I liked the look of the pasty, it had a well made crimp and good colour to the pastry case. It did look quite firm and I suspected it was going to be a pretty solid eat.

I like the pasty blowhole where the meat juices dribble out, quite in tune with the village as well which is famed for a blow hole of its own down just past the harbour walls

The pasty was pleasant enough and quite tasty, there didn’t seem to be that much meat inside the filling and the swede and potato were quite moist perhaps slightly wet.

It could have benefited from a bit more seasoning, but it is a tough balance to make and only having eaten here once who know if it was just one of those days.

I did like that the pasty casing was quite firm and crumbly, some are flaky but I do sometimes quite enjoy a more sold crust. Some might say that it is a hard crust but it was ok for me

The bakery also seems to specialize in a lot of cakes, the sort of ones that remind me of the tray bakes from school dinners. We didn’t participate in eating any sweet stuff but they seemed popular amongst the punters especially those with kids

Boscastle Bakery is located at 4 Bridge walk, Boscastle, PL35 0HE and they are really easy to find. Check them out on their Facebook Page

It might not have been my favorite pasty that we found on our travels but it certainly is one that comes with a cracking view if you stroll down past the harbour to sit looking out to sea 😍

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