Rick Steins Fish and Chips in Padstow

Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips in Padstow is located down on the south Quay alongside some of his other shops including the deli and the fish shop. It is in one of the main car parks near to the Lobster hatchery and the main bus stop (if that helps)

Over the years we had had several meals from here, sometimes getting take out and sometimes eating in. When we first came here well over 15 years ago we thought it was the best in town, but since then I seem to have eaten a lot more Fish and Chips all over the country and it seems less exciting than it first was. Now don’t get me wrong it is still very good but just saying that it seemed better in the old days (just like a lot of stuff does πŸ™‚ )

When we visited this year it was takeaway only and the restuarant parts were closed. so it was kind of a bit restricted but still open. You line up to order and its just a couple of groups allowed in at a time

It was all very busy and they gave you one of those buzzers to let you know when you could go back up to the next door to collect your meal. It wasn’t too long a wait and we got ours in about 5 minutes or so.

I expect that they were constantly cooking Fish up for the crowd so it was still freshly cooked only I expect that they were planning ahead with the popular stuff like Cod and Haddock

The batter on the fish seemed a lot crispier than I had remembered in the past but just as golden. Those were my first thoughts anyway, my second thought was how big the fish was in the box! and my third one was “where are the chips?” Hidden underneath it seemed πŸ™‚

It was a very decent sized piece of battered cod, as I alluded the batter was quite crunchy but the fish inside was moist and clean tasting. It flaked nicely as you too a forkful. It is not to my usual taste batter wise but nothing to complain about it was just the Stein Style

The chips were reasonably good, decent amount of potato but the skin was not quite as I like. I could not quite place the words to describe them but I reckon in the photo you can see what I mean. I think that they may be cooked a bit longer than I would like so a little dry by the time you get them home. Nothing that a decent douse of vinegar could not handle though

The mushy peas were a bit thick and pasty but they tasted ok, we shared a pot and that was a mistake as there was only really enough for one. That was my fault though it is always hard to judge or guess how many you will get.

I had mixed feelings this time about my Cod and Chips from Rick Steins, it was good fish wise, jury was out on the chips. It was better than the last time I came and ate inside but not as good as the very first time we used to come.

That’s the beauty of a chippy tea though, it is never really bad as all Fish and Chip suppers are a bonus. Every so often you hit a gem, or maybe you are just really hungry and in the mood.

Either way I suspect next year when we are back down this way I will have another bagful from the Steins and I will be debating it again in my mind πŸ™‚

Rick Steins Fish and Chip shop in Padstow is located at the Quays, Station Rd, Padstow, PL28 8DA

You can follow the events at all his places through their Instagram profile, Twitter feed, and Facebook page

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