Boscastle Farm Shop and Cafe: Checking out lunch and the deli

Boscastle Farm Shop & Cafe is located just outside Boscastle up the hill on the B3263 at Hillborough Farm. It is a really excellent Farm shop and the cafe attached to it serves some really great food.

We have been here a few times over the last year when it was open, sometimes sitting outside due to restrictions and sometimes inside the cafe.

Everytime we have visited we have enjoyed the food


On the last visit I had the 6oz Red Ruby Beef Burger served in a bap with lettuce and tomato and Sarah & Finn’s hot chilli relish. I added Davidstow Cheddar for Β£1 and was almost drawn to the prospect of adding some Cornish Back bacon for a quid as well, but resisted the temptation

This was a very tasty burger, the meat patty had great seasoning and the flavour of the meat really shone through. The addition of the cheese was an excellent personal choice as they put plenty on the top of the burger and it was melted over like a cloak. It is a good cheese too with a rich cheddar flavour.

The crisp lettuce was placed correctly on the lower bun to avoid juice seepage into the bread and to stop it falling apart or maybe it was just put there. Either way it was doing its job in the bun

Good solid burger, fresh and local and well worth the money


The burger came with plenty of salad, some crunchy crisps and a pot of relish so it should have been quite a healthy meal. I of course ruined that by adding a side of potato wedges πŸ™‚


The potato wedges on the side could easily have been a snack of their own and they were more like sections of a jacket potato than a wedge. Am I grumbling? of course not a big lad needs a big chip to go alongside his meaty burger!


They have a specials board which features some of the Farm’s best produce, it reads far better than many fancy restaurants and even stuff that I am not particularly keen on like blue cheese sounded tempting; “Maple Roasted Walnut, Cornish Blue and Pear salad served with a fresh crusty bloomer” I mean come on, you would, wouldn’t you?


The last visit we made it was the Mackerel that caught our eye so one of us picked that for lunch. Officially listed as “Whole Roasted Mackerel served with Cornish new potatoes and fresh salad” for Β£12.95 is was as promised a Whole Mackerel

A very simple yet very delicious meal that lets the fish speak for itself was the overiding thoughts. Perfectly roasted fish with the flesh falling easily from the bones. Light and delicate with a little sweetness and meatiness.

Now some people I sent the picture to balked at it saying that it did not look pretty and my answer was that this is real food and if they want to live their lives eating fish fingers they can do one!


On a different visit we fancied sitting outside in the sunshine, it was a nice sunny day and with all the restrictions it felt a better option than being inside.

The board outside and the menu mentioned Quiche of the Day ‘Freshly made with free range eggs, Davidstow cheddar and a selection of local seasonal fillings’

I do like a bit of quiche and salad so I was up for a slice of that they suggested to check the deli counter for today’s selections so we went back inside and did just that


All the quiche on the counter looked great, you could get a takeout box with salad which was a cheaper deal, but you could not eat that in the garden so we decided to stick around and eat in (or out if that makes sense)


Yep it is a good slice of quiche here at the cafe! I had the traditional quiche basically cheese, tomato and bacon. The filing is nice and soft, the pastry well baked, no soggy bottoms in sight. A lovely layer of crispy cheese on top as well.

Salads always good here, it is not a boring one as you get lots of different leaves, baby tomato, red onion and chopped peppers all mixed together. So it is both interesting and healthy, well until you eat the accompanying coleslaw.

I would recommend getting the salad on a summer’s day in the garden or in our case a warm September lunchtime


I like a good Farm shop and deli and quite like the one here at Boscastle. I took a few highlight pictures to give you and idea and to remind myself in the future what was there πŸ™‚


I was very happy to find that they were stocking a lot of local beers and spirits (mostly Gin). I was expecially pleased to see they sell the beers from the nearby Padstow Brewery which is one of mu favorite breweries at the moment


They had a good selection of jams, chutneys. pickles and assorted condiments lining the shelves as well as a whole load of spice mixes and spiced salts. You could spent a happy half hour looking through them for your faves or for something new. I walked out with a runner bean chutney hoping for a bit of inspiration on how to use up the yearly glut from the allotment


It was no surprise to anyone to find that they were selling homemade cornish pasties. There were not many left by the time that we arrived but they still had the classic steak pastie on offer so we were ok, phew πŸ™‚


There were plenty of pastries and baked goods available on the counters both to take away and to consume in the cafe. I didn’t buy any but am still enjoying the memories as I look back on this photo


Lots of local produce on the meat counter as well, all vacuumed packed with is perfect when on your hollibobs and want to take it home or need it to last a while. Have to say that the smoked back bacon we picked up here was really very good and we ate it most mornings after this in the caravan for breakfast πŸ™‚

In summary then, come to Boscastle Farm Shop & Cafe, the food that they serve is excellent, the farm shop well stocked and there are great views from the nearby coast path that passes along the edge of the property by the cliffs

The only downside was the parking which was a bit hit and miss as the place is very popular and the car park is not that big. Having said that just take a chance, somehow every time we have been we have been lucky and ‘just’ managed to get the last spot πŸ™‚

Boscastle Farm Shop is located at Hillsborough Farm, Boscastle, PL35 0HH straight up the hill from the harbour on the B3263 heading towards Bude

Check them out via the website and on their Facebook page and their Instagram profile

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