The Golden Guinea in Looe

The Golden Guinea Restaurant is located on Fore Street on The Quay in East Looe. It is described as ‘a traditional family owned restaurant in the heart of Looe serving homemade meals’. The sign on the wall suggests that the building has been here since 1632 and once inside it had that oldy world feel.

It was a bit of a life saver on this trip as you didn’t have to book in advance and they were taking walk in’s only. That meant that with a bit of luck we were able to get a decent meal without too much hassle or worry, which is nice when on your holidays on unfamiliar territory.

We took full advantage of that a couple of times while we were in town having a Roast Sunday on the Sunday and a bit of classic pub restaurant style food midweek.

A set of chalkboards were lined up against the wall outside the front door listing out all the food options that they were serving inside. Depending on your level of hunger, or desire for a particular dish, ones eyes gravitated towards the board of favour. On Sunday that was to the one that mentioned ‘Roast beef” on another day it was looking at Pies, Lasagne, and Potentially Burgers.


The Golden Guinea certainly know how to put on a Roast Dinner! described on the menu as “Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding” ‘served with seasonal veg, roast potatoes and gravy‘ (you could have had Roast Turkey instead)

There was an option of Small for £9 or £11 for large and for the quantity and quality they served up to us was a bit of a bargain.


Ok so perhaps it was slightly no frills but you did get plenty of meat, the plate arrived laden with thinly cut slices of Roast Beef, a handful of Roast potatoes, a horseradish sauce and a good ladle of gravy.

There did not seem to be much room left for all the other stuff we knew was coming, but of course we all know that there would be and if not we would pile it on somewhere 🙂


The dish of vegetables came swiftly afterwards with a big jug of gravy. I like plenty of gravy and I am happy to note that they did us a refill without question when we asked later.

Vegetable wise it was the usual suspects of cabbage, broccoli, green beans and carrots. They were cooked old school so a little soft but you know still proper.


Once the Yorkshire pudding had arrived and everything piled semi neatly onto the plate we had ourselves a pretty decent looking Sunday Lunch.

As I said great value and all pretty well cooked, you didn’t need a pudding after eating this!

Best of all you could get this any day of the week or so it seemed as it was still on the chalkboard when we came back again midweek 🙂


On the next visit to the Golden Guinea one of us had the Homemade Chicken pie with mash and peas. There was an option for chips instead but I always think a gravy pie goes well with a bit of mashed potatoes.

The Pie was one of those puff pastry topping types, like a chicken pot pie. In this case that pie dish was filled with lots of chicken in a creamy sauce.

It was a bit deceptive in the picture as the pie was so large it made the pile of mash look a bit small. I can assure you that it was massive and another large meal.

They really do not mess around portion wise at the Golden Guinea and for £11 you will feel very satisfied after eating this dish


I had the homemade lasagne which was also another huge meal, the lasagne itself could have easily fed two people and the portion of pub chips that it came with was also somewhat generous. Am I complaining though? Hell no I scoffed the lot 🙂

The menu tries to big up the lasagne describing it as ‘Tasty beef ragu with egg lasagne layers’ offering a choice of chips or salad as a side.

The lasagne itself was pretty classic pub style, I liked that there were crispy bits were the pie had caught the edge of the pan and I like the very melted cheese on the top.

You know I had the chips but if I am honest I might have liked a bit of both. The sauce was quite rich and a bit of crunchy leaved salad greenery might have lightened things up a bit

It really was a bit too much food but as I said earlier that seems to be the theme of this place. Lots of big portions of hearty food for a good price.


The beer was as good as the food and I washed both meals down with a couple of pints of the local Cornish IPA ‘Proper Job’ from the St Austell Brewery.

All in All I would heartily recommend the Golden Guinea Restaurant in Looe. They were friendly and welcoming, quick and efficient in service and served up some decent homemade food at a good price.

Some of the meals did not look that pretty but I wasn’t at an art gallery I was here looking for some grub to keep me fuelled up for my holiday action 🙂

The Golden Guinea is located at Fore Street, The Quay Looe PL13 1AD and you can check them out on their Facebook Page

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