La Bocca in Looe – Wood Fired Pizza

La Bocca in Looe is an Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria located down on Higher market street not that far from the beach front and quay side.

We both fancied a little slice of pizza, perhaps a respite from all the pasties and plates of fish and chips so we took a chance to try them out

It was walk-ins only and one of a few places that were open early enough to get dinner easily in the evenings the young people at the counter were friendly and happy to see us when we poked our heads in around the door


Since we were going to have to wait a while for our pizza to be cooked in their Wood Fired oven we ordered a starter.

Well that is the story that I was putting out there into the ether, truth was that I saw that they had some meatballs on the menu and I really wanted to try them


Pork and Beef meatballs in tomato sauce with grano padano’ was the official tagline of the Polpette listed on the menu. The unofficial tag that I am putting out there is that they are really really very good indeed

There were about three large balls of meat in the bowl, all very soft to bite, still meaty yet melt in the mouth tender.

The tomato sauce was more sweet than tart, it was light and fresh, more joyous to eat that some.


To follow on from those lovely meatballs we had one of the wood fired pizza straight from the oven choosing the Contadina topped with ‘mozzarella, tomato, spicy beef, chorizo, chicken, peppers, and jalapenos’

This was nicely spicy, not my usual choice but I liked the topping of chicken and peppers for a change. Of course it did help that there was still some spicy beef and chorizo tucked away in the back somewhere.

Crust wise it was nicely charred and a little chewy in that really good way that it can be sometimes.

I haven’t been converted away from a classic pepperoni or a ham and mushroom but I was happy to have checked this combination out.

One of the unexpected highlights of visiting La Bocca was watching the dog over the road playing fetch ball with the passing tourists. It kept rolling the ball out under the gate so that people would throw the ball back for it to catch. Every so often someone would wander off with the ball at which point one of the eagle eyed waitresses from La Bocca would chase after them to get the dog’s ball back.

No I cannot promise that you will get to see that interaction if you visit this pizza place but it was top level people watching from the side windows whatever 🙂

Located on Market Street, East Looe, PPL13 1BS

La Bocca can also be checked out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram Profile

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