Lunch at the Wig & Mitre in Lincoln

The Wig & Mitre pub is located almost at the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln right in the midst of the action for us tourist types visiting the castle and the cathedral.

It has also always been one of the stops on our yearly pub crawls when we start at the top of the hill and work our way back down to the train

I had my friend Jen over from Chicago so we were out on a day trip checking out the sites, both historical and pubs. This was our planned spot for lunch and a couple of pints

I read that it had recently (well last year) been taken over after many years so was curious to check out the menu and see if much had changed.

In the past we always looked at the Wig & Mitre menu and regarded it as slightly more upmarket than our usual pub lunch spots, perhaps even slightly posh.

Today’s viewing was much the same with offerings of

a ‘Pan Seared Pheasant Breast with Roast Pumpkin, Fondant Potato & Madeira Sauce

and a ‘Herb Stuffed Suckling Pig with Baked Apple, Dauphinoise Potatoes and Cider Sauce

Both of which sound quite delicious, one could only imagine the general dismay in the kitchen when the eager staff learn that yeh the couple in the front want the ‘Burger’ and the ‘Fish and Chips‘ πŸ™‚


I had the Local Beer Battered Haddock with Mint Peas & Samphire Tartar Sauce for Β£13.50 which was a rather large plateful. They had tried to hide the chips under the fish but there were so many that it was not possible.

The Fish was big, overhanging the edges of a large plate, I would have preferred if they had turned the fish skin side down in presentation personally as it did not look quite as attractive

Maybe that was the only way that they could balance the half a baked lemon on it though, so perhaps some method in that madness

I rearranged the whole plate so that I could get a better picture of the fish, not sure that I made much of a difference, and to be honest I didn’t take a picture after I had dumped the contents of both pots onto the plate when I was making it easier to eat

The Fish was excellent, enjoyed both the batter and the well cooked juicy haddock flakes inside it. Everything that you want from your Fried fish, fresh tasting and plentiful.

The Chips were big and solid, perhaps a bit big for chippy chips but really good for pub chips. I really can’t believe that I am about to say that there were too many of them, I must be getting old but I really struggled to eat them all πŸ™‚

The Mint Peas & Samphire Tartar Sauce were the really interesting parts of the dish, whoever thought of adding samphire into the mix is a genius it really was a different take on the sauce.

The minted peas were enjoyable for myself, but I know a few people who would not like the amount of mint. They were also quite crumbly and I personally prefer a smoother mix, I did appreciate the effort though and they were tasty too


The Steak & Bacon Burger with Brioche Bun, Blue Cheese Sauce, Fries and Salad for Β£13.50 was another winner of a dish. The stack inside the bun might not have looked all that pretty as it teetered away on the plate, but everything inside was quality.

The actual patty was a solid effort nice and juicy, thick and meaty with good flavour. The bacon was thick cut and crisped nicely. I was a bit jealous and would have snagged a bite but I had my hands full taking on that plate of haddock and chips!

Jen declared that it was a good burger and coming from the States that is a compliment as she knows what she is talking about. I have had many a bimble around Chicago checking out the bars with her in the past and am always nervous when she orders a burger over here πŸ™‚

This was another large plateful, the fries were also quite thick for fries they were more like chips. It seemed that they really do not mess around here at the Wig & Mitre with portions and size of the dishes. Perhaps being up on the top of steep hill they expect you to arrive with a big appetite after the exertions of getting here!

The Wig & Mitre is a really good spot for a nice lunch, I would have said pub lunch but I think that while they do cater for the passing pub trade they really are more geared up for the crowd looking for a nice meal out

They also do have a well stocked bar with some decent cask ale options and so they really had everything that we needed and plenty to have me desiring a return next time I take the train up to Lincoln for a day out

Located at 32 Steep Hill in Lincoln, LN2 1LU right between Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral they are perfectly situated for the visitor

Check them out also on their Facebook page and their Instagram Profile for up and coming events

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