PBZ in Sheffield: Wuhan Noodles and Braised Chicken Rice

PBZ in Sheffield is located in the New Era complex, an area rapidly developing with Asian food outlets and shops. I first found this place back in 2020 when I was in town hunting down a bowl of Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (Reganmian) with great success. The story of that and my love for that dish can be read here

Today we were happy to see that the restaurant was still open and was a little bigger with a longer menu as well. The surrounding area is now populated with more restaurants and appears to be thriving


Last time we visited PBZ the menu was much smaller with only a few noodle dishes and offerings of Baozi and Dumplings. Now they have a lot more and I was slightly sad that I did not live nearer as I could eat here everyday for a few weeks happily working my way down the list


I did of course order a bowl of Wuhan Hot Dry noodles again, but this time I chose the ‘Wuhan stewed Beef brisket Hot-Dry noodles with sesame paste‘ combining too of my food loves, braised beef noodles and Wuhan noodles.

It was an excellent combination of flavours and a rather decent sized bowl of food as well portion wise. The braised beef was soft and unctious, and fell apart easily as you chewed a piece, almost melt in your mouth tender. It had a nice deep rich taste from the braise and it went really well with that thick nutty paste when mixed with the noodles and the sauce.


We ordered the Braised Chicken rice without really thinking about what the dish was, just some chicken and some rice was what we were looking for. Bit dim really as when it arrived we new exactly what it was. Braised chicken casserole on a bed of steamed rice. Not quite the light accompaniment that we had planned for.

A few months back a branch of Yang’s Braised Chicken opened up in Nottingham (read more here) and this was exactly that. The main difference being that the flavour of this version at PBZ was much better, thicker, darker, deeper and richer. So much more on the plate too .

Lots of braised chicken thigh on the bone, plenty of chinese mushrooms and mixed pepper all combine to make a pretty hearty and delicious plateful

The last word on the day has to be back looking at those Wuhan noodles coated in a sesame based sauce topped with braised beef, chopped scallions, pickled vegetables and whole peanuts.
I could and would eat this all day long if I lived nearby

I picked up all the ingredients over the last week so don’t be surprised to see a post about my attempts to replicate this dish soon, for now though if you are in and around Sheffield pop to PBZ and try it out for yourself

PBZ are located in the New Era development on Boston Street, Highfield, Sheffield, S2 4QF

Check out the menu and opening hours on their website

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