Breakfast Buns at Wells Deli

Wells Deli on the Quay at Wells-next-the-sea is a good spot to grab a cup of tea or coffee and a snack.

In our case it was a good find for a breakfast sandwich before we began a bimble along the coast path.

On their website they say “Since 2004 Wells Deli have been stuffing slices of bread with delicious fillings and brewing up steaming, honest cups of tea, coffee and special hot chocolates. The forever evolving selection of goodies is designed to thrill and delight”

I didn’t need to be thrilled but did need some sustenance before we began a bimble along the coast path.


The menu as a bit posher than I was looking for featuring Avocado on Sourdough, Porridge with red berry compote (that’s jam to you and me) and a Granola Parfait cup. There wasn’t a hint of any greasy spoon action in this joint.

Happily they did have Breakfast buns filled with Egg, Bacon, and Sausage so we found what we were looking for.

We both ordered one of the Full English Bun which was basically a bap filled with free range egg, bacon, and sausage for £6.95


I was very happy to see a nice shiny egg on top of the sausage and egg in my bun when it arrived. A well cooked white and a nice yellow yolk that I knew would burst and ooze all over with my first bite.


I was also very happy to see plenty of meat inside the bun, several slices of well cooked crispy bacon on top of a layer of sliced sausage.

It might not have been the best sausage in the whole world but it was well cooked and had a decent flavour. It wasn’t gourmet but it wasn’t basic catering level either so I was pleased enough.

All in all it was a decent breakfast sandwich, well filled with sausage, egg, and bacon served in a slightly toasted bun


In addition to the breakfast sandwiches they also had a good selection of toasties available on the counter. The pick for me would have been this ‘New Yorker‘ described as ‘Pastrami, chicken breast, gherkin, cheddar cheese, mayo & mustard‘ an absolute classic in the sandwich world


It was hard to resist getting a cake to take away so we didn’t, our choice being this rather sweet Peanut Butter Stack described as being a ‘Chocolate brownie, peanut brittle cream & lashings of salted caramel‘ It was an immense little filthy treat and I have no shame admitting it.

The Wells Deli is located at 15 The Quay, Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1AH not far from French’s Chip shop where we often pick up some Fish and Chips for the win (read more about that here).

You can check the Wells Deli out on their website and also on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

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