Paseo 100 Sport and Soul Bar

Paseo 100 Sport & Soul Bar in Fuengirola is a really decent spot to grab a well priced meal from. Located on the front on Paseo Maritomo they are a Finnish sports bar that serves really tasty food.

We popped in on our way back to our apartment for dinner after a bimble along the promenade and were really pleased with the quality of the food, the very reasonable prices and the warm welcome.


The Garlic Pork described on the menu as “Grilled Pork tenderloin served with a garlic-red wine sauce and salad” was cheap as chips for just €12.

Speaking of chips, I declined those on recommendation from my server in favor of a bowl of the garlic potatoes. No Vampires or Vamps would be anywhere near me tonight!

This was delicious, tender pork steaks topped with a thick and luscious garlic and red wine sauce was just the thing to tantalize my taste-buds while also delivering a decent bite of meat.

The garlic roasted potatoes were plentiful and also lovely alongside my tenderloin. I was really glad that I chose them and could easily have just had a bowl of those on their own.


The Garlic Pork dish came with a more interesting side of salad than expected. I was pleasantly surprised that it was one that I actually wanted to eat.

The highlight was the pickled carrot strands, they were mixed with leaves, tomatoes and cucumber went rather well with all the garlic.

It was quite refreshing and did balance things out a bit on the plate alongside that rich sauce.


The House Steak was actually a “Breaded Pork tenderloin, with capers, lemon, and salad” for a rather decent price of €9. This was more like a snitzel than a steak, bashed thin as you can and lightly breaded.

It was a nice bite of food and the meat was light, tender and moist, any downsides? perhaps the whole thing would have benefited from some sort of sauce.

It also came with the same salad and a side or basket of chips. The capers and lemon (once squeezed) added a little acidic tartness to the affair, and the chips were plentiful.

I really liked the food and the welcome at Paseo 100 and it’s certainly on my list of go to spots next time I am in town

Paseo 100 is located at Paseo Marítimo rey de espana, 29640 Fuengirola, Spain.

You can check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile

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