Pizza at Eric’s in Thornham

Eric’s Pizza in Thornham is located in a large Yurt on the Drove Orchards complex right next to the excellent Eric’s Fish and Chip Shop.

They serve ‘hand stretch pizzas’ made from their ‘24hr fermented dough cooked the traditional way‘ in their wood oven.

We planned to pop in to get a takeaway but when we got inside the Yurt and saw the large airy space and the wood fire oven center stage we decided to just dine in


When it comes to pizza toppings I am basically as ‘common as muck’ with my choices that tend to be in the realm of the ‘meat feast’ or ‘ham and mushroom’ and occasionally just a classic pepperoni. Don’t get me wrong I do love to be surprised but it tends to fall along those lines.

Here at Eric’s Pizza there was nothing basic about the combinations and we were having to think a little more about our pick of the pizza on offer. Yes it was likely to feature meat but that was about it.


True to form the first pizza we picked was No. 6 called Meatball, Pecorino, Red Onion. the description didn’t give much more away saying ‘Traditional Pork and Beef meatballs made to an authentic recipe

Well I like meatballs and posh cheese so we ordered one on that basis. As it happens it was to turn out to be an excellent choice


So sure the star of the show was supposed to be the meatballs which were small but really tasty. In reality you only get a couple on each slice so it’s like a taste nice bite sized ball of meat in every other bite.

Happily the basic tomato and cheese topping is up to the job of keeping your taste-buds entertained with or without a meatball.

I really liked the tomato based sauce on this pizza, it was nice and sweet and not tinny like some so we knew that it had been made nice and fresh. The cheese pulled apart nicely in strings with each mouthful and the excellent crust charred from the oven added more joy to each chomp 🙂


The second pizza we shared was No. 7 topped with Carbonara, Egg Yolk, and Porcini Powder.

This was essentially a white pizza without tomato and was described on the menu as thus “Pancetta, Pepper and Parmesan bring this pizza to life

I was pleased that they cut the pizza in such a way that the egg yolk was left intact. They kind of left the square in the centre of the pizza pie alone so that the yolk only gets released when you wanted it.

There was something quite decadent about dipping your pizza slice into the runny yolk and the porcini powder scattered just over the top of it gave an earthiness to the whole thing.

I was worried that this pizza might have been a bit too rich or even a bit too plain but it was actually really well balanced and you get a bit of saltiness from the pancetta to counter the cheesiness and the creaminess of the carbonara topping.

To be honest this was a bit of a gamble for one of us as it was not your traditional type of topping, but I think that the gamble paid off as the other diner on the table really liked it too.

Basically if you like Carbonara and you like Pizza you will love this combination

I was very happy to find Eric’s Pizza and even happier to find that it was equally as good as the food from Eric’s Fish and Chips next door.

It is really good to have both such a short drive from Hunstanton when you want to get away from the hoards for a bit of decent food in the evening.

Located between Hunstanton and Thornham Eric’s Pizza is sited at The Yurt, Drove Orchards, Hunstanton, PE36 6LS

You can check them out through their website and on their Facebook page and Instagram Profile

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