Smash Burgers at Feast in Norwich Market

Feast at Norwich Market are selling some exceptionally well priced smashburgers priced at £5-6 each which is an absolute bargain.

The sign said that ‘The Feast burgers are made with our own blend of quality beef seasoned with salt and pepper in a brioche bun’‘. They also do loaded fries and corndogs but really its burgers they focus on.

I do love a Smash style burger so when I stumbled upon their stand while bimbling around the market I was unable to walk past without ordering one. Spoiler alert of sorts > I didn’t pass by


I splashed the cash slightly by upgrading from a basic burger to a bacon cheeseburger, I mean it was like £5 without cheese and bacon, and £6 with both! It was a no brainer

The Bacon Cheese was described on the chalkboard at Feast as being topped with ‘mature cheddar cheese, smoked streaky bacon, ketchup, mustard‘ a very classic combination and everything I want on a burger

For the record although I dismissed the classic burger and the cheeseburger it was not really as simple as just adding cheese and bacon. The classic burger was topped with lettuce, gherkin, tomato, and red onion‘, the cheese burger was topped with grilled onions. None of which were on the bacon cheese 😋

I was very happy with my choice of the Bacon Cheeseburger, The beef patties were thinly smashed, still moist, but also with a bit of crisp from the flat top in places.

The simple seasoning of salt and pepper was appreciated as it was just light enough so that you could still taste the meat

The smoked bacon was crunchy, salty and mixed well with the strong tasting mature cheddar that was just melted enough to ooze out of the bun but was solid enough to coat the meaty patty like a warm comfort blanket

The final note is for the classic combination of American mustard and Ketchup. You can take all your fancy burger sauces and pour them in a bin for me. I reckon that you cannot beat this simple duo of flavours on your burger!

I found their burger to be a very comforting and well made effort. If I lived in Norwich I would probably grab one of these on a weekly basis as I passed through the market and next trip here I will be making a beeline for this stall 😎😍

Feast are located in stall 23 of Norwich Market and are open between 11am and 3pm Monday to Saturdays (according to the Norwich Market website)

Check them out also on their Facebook Page

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