Breakfast at the Two Magpies Bakery in Norwich

The Two Magpies Bakery on Timber Hill in Norwich was a slightly more upscale spot to grab my breakfast in comparison to some of the less salubrious joints that I sometimes frequent.

This place is one of seven other cafes located across Norfolk and Suffolk with others in Southwold, Aldeburgh, Darsham, Blakeney, Holt and Woodbridge and apparently they were a regional winner in the National Bakery Awards in 2020

I didn’t know any of that at the time of dining it was simply the connection to the Magpie, also associated with my Football team, that drew me in through the doors.

Two of them are supposed to be a sign of good luck so I was hoping for some element of fortune with choosing this place to eat.


The Two Magpies full English was listed as being ‘Clarkes of Bramfield sausages & streaky bacon, herb roasted tomato, field mushrooms, fried eggs, house beans, and toasted Magpie sourdough’ for £12.

It sounded quite posh in description, a more upmarket version of my more favoured greasy spoon breakfast. I was hopeful that it would be as tasty as it read.


If you are just here for the pictures then look away now as this plate didn’t photograph as well as it ate or tasted but who cares as mostIy I really enjoyed it.

The sausages were really meaty and had been cooked to be quite crispy, perhaps some might say overcooked but for me this is how I like them. The bacon I concede was really very crispy and some may be overdone, again though I don’t might a bit of crispy bacon.

Eggs were more or less perfect with a lovely golden yolk, I was happy to have two of them. The mushrooms and tomatoes had been cooked properly both soft and juicy

I am never that convinced that home made beans is really a necessity on a breakfast plate. These ones here were quite nice but in general the ones out of a tin will do me just fine.

The sourdough was spot in in the way that it was toasted so that it was still a little chewy in places. Personally I would have been happier with a bit of sliced white.

Perhaps I am too common for a place like this, but it was nice to dip my toe into a modicum of posh


Apparently the mini magpies menu was not just for kids, it was for those with ‘smaller appetites’ so my Mum had the Mini Magpies Breakfast for £7.

This was a plate of sausage, bacon, egg, house beans and toast. It was more of less a smaller version of the Full English that I ate, and we both had the same thoughts on the content.

As with the Full English you had a lot of rashers of streaky bacon, I didn’t count exactly but I reckon it was at least 6!


In hindsight I think that I could have ditched the whole cooked breakfast thing here at the Two Magpies Bakery.

I should have played the game and had something like the Eggs AsparagusBritish asparagus, poached egg, toasted Magpie sourdough, and hollandaise

Perhaps I could have gone full hipster with a plate of ‘Tumbled Eggs‘ on Toasted Magpie sourdough with peas shoots.

I like to imagine that is the poshest scrambled eggs on toast that you can order, unless of course you have the truffle dust as an optional extra!

Overall it was a decent feed, I have paid more for worse, and less for better, in the breakfast game it often seems that price is never a guide.

All in All I don’t think that you will go far wrong if you choose the Two Magpies Breakfast for your breakfast, brunch or lunch

This branch of the Two Magpies Bakery was located at 27, 29 Timber Hill in Norwich NR1 3LA

You can check them out on their website and through their Instagram Feed

Final Thoughts: I seem to have found a theme of breakfasting at places called the magpie with two recent posts at the Magpie Cafes in Fuengirola. It is totally unintentional 🙂

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