Philps Pasty in Marazion : Cornish Pasty Hunting at St Michael’s Mount

Today we were heading over to St Michaels Mount and were collecting pasty supplies from Philps in Marazion for the trip. We did think we would get a pasty on the other side of the causeway but I wasn’t taking any chances and anyway I had never had a Philps pasty before

The pasty menu board threw up a slight dilemma as it was offering a meat pastie and a flaky steak pasty. I was confused as to whether that meant I could get one with a flakier pastry? I do kind of like that sort but we played by the rules and ordered a normal or standard meat pasty or maybe it was a flaky pastry one? I didn’t go inside so who know what we were getting

Mission accomplished two hot pasties purchased fresh out of the oven. I am sure that by the time we have walked over to the island they will have cooled down ready to eat.


First thoughts were the rough and ready crimping around the edge, I like that as it feels more handmade than some pasties I have treated myself too.

The pastry P letter was a nice touch helping me to find the pasty picture more easily on the phone as I wrote this 🤣😎

I liked the lightly golden colour of the pastry casing and I always like to see the pasty blow hole where the juices flow out a little as it bakes.

Biting into my pasty revealed all it’s glory! The pastry casing was cooked well with a solid relatively thick crust. The meat was in thick pieces but was nice and soft.

The swede and potato were seasoned well and it was all quite juicy.

This is a nice big solid pasty and large enough to fill you up for lunch and a walk.

This branch of Philps Pasties is located at 1 Market Place, Marizion, Cornwall, TR17 0AR about a 5 minute walk away from the water’s edge where you cross over to St Michael’s Mount.

It is one of 7 branches across the county others being in Hayle, Helston, Praze-an-Beeble, Cambourne and Porthleven. You can check the list and locations out here

For more info and updates check out their Facebook Page and Twitter Feed

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