Fish and Chips at the West Hoe Fryers in Plymouth

The West Hoe Fryers in Plymouth was a most inviting sight when we were caught out in a massive rain storm the other day.

Drenched to the skin we approached the bright lights of the chippy more in hope than expectation that they would let us in.

Despite the fact that we were dripping water all over the floor from our totally soaked clothes they welcomed us in out of the rain and let us sit inside in the warm to eat our Fish and Chip supper.


I was starving and in the mood for some chips, Mother less hungry, perhaps it was the wet and the cold dipping that appetite for a moment.

We decided to get a Fish each but would just get one portion of chips to share. I ordered Cod in batter for £8.75, with large chips for £4 (it was just 40p more) and a pot of curry sauce for £1.50 (I was living on the edge)

Mother had a piece of battered cod for £9.75 and a pot of mushy peas for £1.50.

There was a Lighter Bite special on offer where you got Fish & Chips, Mushy Peas and a Tea or Coffee for £5.99 which could have been another option.

At the other extreme there was a Specials board offering an Extra Large Cod for £14, one can only imagine how big that whale would be!


I thought that my piece of Cod was huge as it filled and almost overlapped the edges of the plate. That was nothing compared to the mound of chips that I was given in my Large portion!

The accompanying pot of curry sauce was a decent size as well and I was particularly impressed that it came in a proper metal pot and not just in a plastic container.

The fish that had been cooked to order was really good, I enjoyed that it was fresh and that the flesh was clean tasting and nice and solid too. It wasn’t falling apart like some chippy fish so I was pretty happy. The batter was crisp enough, perhaps a little overdone in places but I was in a forgiving mood.

Despite dripping rain water over the floor while squelching in my seat, I was warming up inside and getting nicely full in my belly from this most welcome meal.


Officially this was supposed to be a plate of battered haddock with a portion of mushy peas. The idea being that I would share the chips that I had ordered.

I did share my chips but these ones in the picture were bonus chips as the owner added a scoop just ‘for good measure’ that he could not fit on my place. How great is this place?

It was another excellent piece of battered fish, decent size, crispy and again fresh clean tasting flaky chunks of fish inside.

A decent sized pot of mushy peas as well, not bad for £1.50. I have been charged a lot more for a lot less recently so was pleased to see that this place was good value all around portions wise!

All in all we were so grateful to find sanctuary in this place from the rain storm outside. It was so heavy that streams of water were running down the road. Amazingly we were not the only people in the place but it seemed most had been sensible enough to drive here which was the best option 🙂

I liked that they were friendly, I liked that they had tables inside and that the prices were really good. Quality wise I had no complaints, sure it wasn’t fancy but I don’t need fancy when I am hunting down a Fish and Chip supper so this joint was working just fine for me

Now you could walk all the way down the other end of the Hoe to visit one of the more glamorous chippies in the Barbican but honestly you will be just as well off and happy coming to the West End of the Hoe to the West Hoe Fryers in my less than humble opinion

Located at 7 Radford Rd in Plymouth, PL1 3BY the West Hoes Fryers is a short walk away from the Hoe and the Seafront where you could sit and eat your chips on a better day. They also have seating inside for times when it is more inclement and colder like today.


I said it was wet and this was the state of me after our chippy tea!

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