The Harbour Inn at Padstow

The Harbour Inn at Padstow was a busy and bustling pub that we found near the front to grab a bite of food from during our latest visit.

It was located just up the road from the Old Custom House where we had been hunting for a pie we once ate (read more here). Spoiler alert we didn’t find that pie so today I was hoping that it was in this pub that I ate the mythical pie years ago.


Was I to be in luck? the menu did have a Short Crust Steak & Ale Pie on the menu for £15.50. Sounded good so I ordered myself on of those. It came with chips or new potatoes, I was on me holidays so chips it was!


The actual pie was slightly unexpected, essentially a metal bowl filled with more meat and gravy than pie topped with a slice of pie crust that was swimming around trying not to drown.

It looked a bit weird and a bit dark but happily it did actually taste really good. The meat was soft and tender, the gravy thick, very meaty and quite rich.

The pastry casing was ok, not sure it was supposed to be like that but I quite liked it all mixed up with the gravy.

I liked the chips which were more like french fries than pub chips. I could have been just as happy if the greens were left off the plate. They were not adding much to the meal but I suppose they were some of my five a day so they were doing me a favour making me eat them🤣😎😋

It wasn’t the pie that we remembered from all those years ago but it might have been this pub.

To be honest we are never going to find that mythical pie but it is a fun for hunting down and eating pies at various pubs in Padstow so definitely a few more places to try out, just because we can 😀

The Harbour Inn is located on Strand Street in Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8BU unsurprisingly within stumbling distance of the Harbour.

You can check them out on their website, and also on their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

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