Pizza at Pucellis in Padstow

Pucellis in Padstow is a great spot for a slice or two of pizza with a view. We got in early just as they opened and snagged a great table overlooking the harbour at the end of a decent autumnal sunny day.

The window shutters were open and the late evening sunshine was providing enough warmth to keep us comfortable as we sipped our drinks and pondered our pizza choices.

There were all the classic offerings but we like our pizza meaty so got the Smokin Pork and the Carnosa, essentially going full Pork and full Meat, basically all in carnivores.


The SMOKIN PIG was billed on the menu as ‘our own six hour cooked pulled pork, red onion, and roquito pearl peppers’ also on a tomato base with a blend of Italian cheese drizzled with a drizzle of house BBQ sauce

I wasn’t totally sure that I was going to like this one as I am often dubious about the BBQ sauce part and the pulled pork.

It was a bit sweet in places as I feared but somehow it all seemed to work with the rest of the ingredients so was actually fairly harmonious on my tastebuds. I did like it though after all

I really enjoyed the ‘roquito pearl peppers‘ I wasn’t sure that I have knowingly had these before, but having tasted them I will look out for them again. Pearl is quite an apt description and they add little pops of fresh sweet pepper as you bite into one on a slice.


The second pizza we shared was the CARNOSA which was topped with Salami, chicken, spicy beef, pepperoni & Italian sausage on a tomato base with a blend of Italian cheese

This was not really as ‘meaty’ as expected, and a lot less spicy than anticipated considering the addition of Salami, pepperoni and spicy beef.

The chicken was a bit dry also crispy but somehow it got away with it as that added quite a nice texture to the pizza. I suspect that this pizza had spent just a few minutes in the oven so the toppings all got a bit dried out.

It had plenty of topping, and generous amounts of each meat but overall it could not really compete with the flavour bomb of that SMOKIN PIG pizza.


There were many more pizza on offer at Pucellis (and other pasta dishes too) and a couple of other dishes caught my eye when we were pondering our choices.

I was amused that they have a Hawaiian pizza hidden in plain sight called the PROSCIUTTO E ANANAS (that’s Ham and Pineapple to you and I).

I still would not order this criminal offence of a pizza, but it at least sounds more grown up and named so that you don’t have to ask for the one with Pineapple on it (shudders slightly)

On another day I may well have chosen the SLOPPY PUCELLI topped with Chilli beef, Pucellis homemade sausage & spicy pepperoni on a tomato base topped with a blend of Italian cheeses and oregano.

I was tempted but the last time I had a really spicy pizza I had major heartburn and I fear that the after consequences are not worth the moments of joy while eating one 😦

It might have been a better option that the CARNOSA we did eat as that was not at all spicy so now thinking about it I suspect that this one would be milder than I am anticipating

Pucellis in Padstow was a really nice spot to grab a bite to eat. We had pizza bit they did also serve other pasta dishes and Italian classics.

I did like that it’s a ‘walk-in’ only kinda place. I can’t always remember to book or want to plan my life day by day when on holiday. It has sometimes been hard to find places to eat in Padstow in recent years so knowing that you can just roll up is a good thing

I really liked people watching from up above the harbour side as well and not just the ones getting raided for their ice creams by the seagulls! In the evening this place looked like a good place to get a drink as well, but not sure how much they try to turn the tables over after you finish eating.

Located at 9 South Quay in Padstow PL28 8BL you can find Pucellis upstairs above the Padstow Fish and Chips restaurant and just next door to Chough Bakery

You can check them out on their website and also on their Facebook page and Instagram profile

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