Holy Mountain at Spark: Best Cheeseburgers in York

Holy Mountain Kitchen featuring Chef Harry George Johns were at Spark in York when we visited serving up their ‘meat centric comfort food’

I always like to pop into Spark when in town to see what Street Food is on offer and am often really looking for a big juicy down and durty burger. So we were well happy to see that Chef Harry had us covered!

When it comes to advertising they were not fucking about laying it straight on the line with their chalkboard offering the ‘Best Cheeseburger in York with crinkle fries and a coke for £10

I mean, bold move but I was gonna have one anyway and once I saw that statement of intent there was no doubt about my choice of street food scoffage


I did deviate slightly from the script by taking advantage of their other offer which was a double cheeseburger, with smoked bacon and a pinch of fries for £10. I could have had a coke as well, the chef was pretty chilled and just wanted to feed us what he had.

As long as I was getting a burger and the bonus of crinkle cut fries I was going to be happy. Putting the burger to one side for a moment I have to say that the crinkle is vastly underrated in the chip world and are most likely my all time favorite type of fries


Yep this sure was ‘one tasty burger’ as Jules would have said to Vincent in Pulp Fiction! Two very juicy and tender burger patties, well seasoned and packed out with flavour. Meaty feast? Hell yeh!

Decent thick molten cheese drape across the top of the burger patty, crispy lettuce on the bottom layer to protect the lower bun from juice seepage, bonus points for proper burger construction.

Bacon was thick, salty, well smoked, could perhaps have been a bit crispier for my liking, pickles were decent maybe I would prefer them sliced a little thinner, but they did add crunch and a cool hit to each mouthful when you got a bite of them.

The pink burger sauce was welcome taste wise, colour wise was a bit strange to look at, but I didn’t let it distract me too much from the task in hand

It was a very satisfying burger to eat, I love it when each bite melts in your mouth and you get that burger rush all the way into the heart of your soul. Doesn’t happen often enough so I take mine when I can with much gratitude.

All in all this was a thoroughly good burger, certainly one to recommend and one that I would order again. I would very much like to try more of the food on offer both from Holy Mountain and from the Chef and his team

Best Cheeseburger in York? Well it is the best I have eaten here, so fair play. I would like to eat my way through the city to try what else is on offer but for now I take my hat off to Chef Harry and say ‘nice one mate’

Located inside Spark in York, Holy Mountain was on the ground level. To see where they are in the future or when you read this better check out their socials for up to date info

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